Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Look Back, Part 3... Version 4!

Write 10/27/15

We had our first appointment yesterday!

It was rescheduled and rescheduled and rescheduled again (Doc out at a funeral). I saw a different doctor at a different time of day, but regardless, we had the appointment!

Anthony met me there, my mom kept the kids, and it was actually a pretty quick appointment!

We talked with the doc, and then got down to business. I think with each kid these first appointments scare me more and more. Right when she was about to turn the ultrasound screen on, I almost shouted, "Wait! I'm not ready!" It was the weirdest feeling. I was so scared that bad news would show up, and I just wasn't mentally ready (not that anyone ever is). New doc and new protocol, she looked all around and measured and took her time looking at everything- but all I wanted to see was that teeny heart beating. She FINALLY showed it to me (I'm sure it wasn't as long as it felt!), and it was the biggest relief in the world. Oh my gosh, I love seeing that precious little heart beat. It makes it all so real.

(On a sidenote, it's amazing to me that we are actually having a debate in our country right now on when "Life" begins... that heart beat!!! 7 weeks gestation!!!!!!)

I had a little tear stream down, and then my next hurdle was holding my breath to see if there was one or two babies. My numbers have been SO high, I've been so sick... I was absolutely terrified that I was pregnant with twins! Luckily for us, just one! I honestly don't have a clue how mothers of multiples do it. I swear they have a special place in heaven. Anyway, just one baby.

One. Healthy. Baby.
Thank you, God!

The rest of the appointment was spent chatting about tests, symptoms, getting bloodwork done... Just a perfectly normal appointment!

And THIS made it REAL! So, here we go BS4!

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