Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving Ranch Style!

We had the best time at the ranch this past week with Anthony's family for Thanksgiving!

Going into it, I was worried that we'd get cabin fever after being there four days and need some outside-the-ranch time. And I was wrong. We stayed plenty busy and had plenty of fun!

Prepping for the weekend was a whipping- I won't lie. Not only did we need to get "Thanksgiving" meal ready (groceries, prepping the food, etc), AND pack to be out of town for four days, I also had to get things for the house and think of what was needed there. We don't have much at the house yet (just bought a couch last weekend in preparation for the week!), so I needed to think of what all was needed- baking sheets, measuring cups, spices, oil, etc.. I mean, it was a LOT! And the fact that the kids were off of school last week left me no time to do anything kid free! Ack!

But it all turned out to be totally worth it! We were very well prepared and everything went smoothly.

The kids and I ran 7 errands Wednesday morning (seriously!) before we left for the ranch at 11:15. I felt like I had run a marathon at that point! So we get halfway there, and I realize I left my key at home! This wouldn't normally be THAT big of an issue, but the couch delivery people were set to get there the same time as me! I called them and apologized profusely and they were so sweet! We finally got there about an hour later than planned, but the guys were great about waiting for us.

The couch looks awesome and the kids and I got unpacked as we waited for everyone else to get there!

Everyone got in Wednesday evening and the kids were wild (as expected!). Sweet Molly actually did a great job hanging considering she only got a 30 minute nap in the car at 11:30 that morning.

CK was in heaven getting to hold a baby! 
She would have held him the whole time if would have let her!

Thanksgiving morning was spent eating and then fishing and then cooking! The fish were just jumping on the hooks! Seriously, Jay caught 5 in a row! Something about a spiderman pole and hot dogs...

Sloan was terrified of the fish!

Then came Thanksgiving meal! Since I was hosting (my first ever!) I was in charge of the turkey and some various sides/desserts. Since I have no clue how to do a turkey, I pre-ordered a full cooked turkey. I picked it up and asked a jillion times about the reheating process and all of that. After the three hours of reheating I took it out and had Anthony's dad carve it- annnnnnd it was raw. The store gave me the wrong thing and our turkey was NOT ready when it was time to eat! We had a teeny amount of cooked turkey to eat, and then a LOT of leftovers for later! Luckily everyone was great about it and just ate a lot of other things! Sigh... first time hosting Thanksgiving was a fail! Oh well, a memory for sure!


Our "set" table! We are casual in these parts! 

Place setting... Plastic fork and spoon, silver knife
Regular plate, paper napkin, styrofoam cup and glass.
That's how we roll at the ranch! A little country, a little classy.. Ha!

And our kids table!
Color-on table cloth for the win!

The rest of the day was spent napping and playing. Some of our best friends were in the town next door celebrating Thanksgiving with their family, so they stopped by on their way home to say hello! We fed the fish and zip lined- and had a great time with them!

The Squillante grandkids

They loved this tablecloth!

Family pic!

Loving CK in her smock and boots!

That night we all crashed!

Annnnnd... we woke up on Friday to Anthony's birthday! Yummy breakfast, a visit from his best friend and their family, LOTS of fishing, lots of tooling around, a birthday cake, and a dinner "in town" with the fam! Needless to say we somehow stayed busy and had fun celebrating Anthony!

Jay caught his first bass and was pumped! 

Jay's favorite way to fish- cast and catch right away! 

Mommy was on little sister duty by the pond (much to her dismay!)

Jake caught the biggest fish yet from the pond- an almost 2.5 lb bass. 
He didn't let Anthony forget it either! 

Grandpa had a blast fishing!

Jay and Wyatt. 
Their dads go way back and these boys will follow their footsteps!

Andrea and Sloan

Pretty typical. 

Anthony's birthday set up...
Red velvet bundt cake
Hello Kitty plates (CK)
Avengers plates (Jay)
Minnie Mouse candles (Molly)

Sadie and Molly in the play house

Grandma and some of the kids on the trampoline

The guys (and me!) had some target practice. I probably shoot a gun once every three years.
I am proud to say I was 2/2- hit my stationary target and hit my thrown-in-the-air coke can!

Jay and I saw a turtle walking across the back yard! 
We safely relocated it back near the pond/forest

CK passed out on the couch. It was impossible to wake her up!

Anthony at dinner!

These were some FILTHY cousins! 

We all woke up the next morning and took off. Well, we packed and cleaned (and then cleaned some more) and then took off.

It was a really great weekend and we are hoping to start a tradition of Thanksgivings at the ranch. It was just too perfect!

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The Torno's said...

What a great idea to get this house! You guys have inspired me to think more about this type of thing. Now I just have to make a move on it!