Monday, November 16, 2015

Our First Night in the Country!

We finally spent the night in our ranch house for the first time this past weekend! We brought lots of air mattresses and blankets (no beds!) and loaded up on folding/lawn chairs (no couches!).

But we had FUN FUN FUN!

It was my nephew Owen's birthday so his family and mine went out Saturday afternoon. The Fountains are such a fun, easy going family to hang out with. Everyone just meshes together and they are always up for fun! So per Owen and Jay's request, they camped out in a tent that night! The daddies were such good sports! And so were the middle girls! So Anthony, Aaron, Owen, Jay, Charley Kate, and Austen camped out! It got down to about 55 degrees which was really perfect for camping! My kids got new sleeping bags for the occasion (camo and Frozen naturally) and had a BLAST!

We had frito pie for dinner, made a campfire and gathered branches and twigs for it, roasted smores, and had lots of glow in the dark toys (silly string, necklaces, balloons, etc!).

One of my favorite parts is getting to bring Tex. This dog has never been happier than when he's at the ranch! He doesn't stop swimming, running, sniffing, and exploring!

This girl was a HUGE fan of Smores! Shocker!

Yup, they just camped right off the back porch  :)

"Funny" faces aka overly exhausted faces

First family campfire! 

The next morning started REALLLLY early due to the sunshine at 6 am in the tent! Campers were up which meant Tex was up in our room which meant Molly was up which meant I was up. Ugh.

We got a jumpstart on breakfast and playing and got to see the most beautiful sunrise! Pinks and purples and oranges. Just a sight to see!

Owen's "birthday party" was that day, so we started getting to work- mainly getting a new zipline hung! I think the daddies had more fun than the kids!

My parents got there around 8:45 and then my oldest sister's family got there around 10:45. Since it was Sunday morning we had Porch church. We sang, prayed, had communion, and Anthony gave a mini-sermon. It was really just a beautiful thing. We love using this place to glorify God and his immense blessings. And hearing our babies sing and participate was unreal.

Yup, I'm wearing socks and flip flops. I had socks and boots on, but took them off and put on flip flops for working inside. It seemed like a lot of work to take my socks off, so I just left them. I'm so ok with it. 

After church the party got started! Fishing, shooting beebee guns, zip lining, finding critters to play with, eating WAY too much, driving the "jeep" around, exploring, and just having a freaking good time. It was an awesome day!

We knew we had tons of catfish in our pond, but PawPaw reeled in a bass on the pink Barbie pole! 
Anthony was so excited to discover we have bass! At least one! And dad was hilarious with his pole! CK helped of course! 

My nephew Josh caught SIX fish that day! He was nailing it! 

The big catch of the day! Picture doesn't do it justice! 

Auntie JJ found a snake! 

CK loved it! 

The girls- we missed you, Michelle! 

Playing "colored eggs" aka red light green light. 

These third kids are SO go with the flow! I love it!! 

Jay and his "came" lizard

I'm having a glimpse into my future. Ack!! 

It was a really wonderful weekend with some great family time. Each weekend I leave thinking it was the most fun we've ever had. I love the memories we are making there and love the fellowship we get to have. I love that our kids are being exposed to this so early. What a wonderful blessing!


Tracy said...

What a blessing! And I loved the "porch church", so incredibly awesome! How wonderful it all sounds!

Wilbert Bowers said...

This looks so fun. I love taking my kids on little trips. I think it is so important for them to experience new things and gain a bigger understanding of the world. So glad that other people are doing this too. Thanks you so much for sharing all the wonderful memories with your entire family and the fantastic pictures there.

Wilbert Bowers @ Mirr Ranch Group