Sunday, November 22, 2015

Molly at 18 Months!

I cannot believe our precious baby is already 18 months old! 

It's funny because in the past few weeks I have definitely noticed her seeming much "older" than before. She is definitely transitioning into a little girl instead of a baby and it's so bittersweet to watch.

Molly has continued to be such a ray of sunshine for this family. She truly is our little spark and adds so much! She has such an expressive personality. You know whether she's happy or mad or sad- but she's almost always happy! She is just so joyful and full of full life. But, like all 18 month olds, she can show when she's MAD! Between screaming, throwing fits, mad faces, or even (gasp!) hitting, she makes sure she is understood. Ps- Jay and CK were NEVER hitters. This is such foreign territory to me! Ack!

We just moved Molly into a big girl bed. We have done this with all of the kids around 17 months, and Molly was no different. It seemed to be an easy, natural transition, and she has really been doing so great! She will almost always wake a few times a night, but a quick pacifier back in the mouth and she's back asleep. She doesn't get out of her bed or panic, so it's been easy. She's working on her canines, so I'm sure once those are through (and we get rid of the pesky ear infections!) she will be sleeping much better!

She is talking like crazy. Both of our big kids were early talkers, and Molly is no different. She is speaking in multi-word phrases and repeats EVERYthing. She can really express herself and her needs which is so helpful. One of the things that she is doing better than her siblings is using pronouns correctly- she uses I, me, you, etc the right away and that just really blows me away! She also sings a TON- and knows every word to every song! It's probably one of my very favorite things about her is how much she loves to sing. All the time. No lie, the other morning she woke up singing "Let it Go!" Seriously! Her favorites are The Lord's Army, Let it Go, Fuzzy Caterpillar, Jesus Loves Me, Roll the Gospel Chariot, My God is so Big, Baby Jesus Grew and Grew, Pat-a-Cake, Twinkle Twinkle... and I know I'm forgetting some. I love her precious little voice.

There is nothing this girl loves more than her family- but especially her brother and sister! When we drop them at school she says "Where Jay go? Where Char-ey Kate?" All. Day. Long. She loves them so much! And her Tex and Ella. She just worships them- and they are so good to her! The funny thing is that she will mess with their stuff or hit them if they tell her no. Then I'll fuss at her or scold her and she cries- and then the big kids cry or get mad at me for fussing at her or snuggle her. Mixed signals much?!!?

She's doing so much better at school and actually didn't cry at drop off and didn't cry all day at school TWICE this week! Woohoo!! She's also so lucky to have two cousins so close in age- which lends itself to LOTS of play time with them!

She loves playing babies! Carries her purse around, changes diapers, wipes their booties with wet wipes, feeds them, rocks them, bounces them... Babies babies babies! And she tries to mother real life kids, too! 

Molly has been my little sidekick. I have truly truly enjoyed this "baby." I think I can see with the older two how quickly it goes and so this has been such a wonderful time with Molly. I love having her with me and she makes it so easy to bring her along everywhere. 

Molly June, we cannot wait to see the wonderful things you do. You are such a special little girl and such a joy to our family. Thank you for being such a little sunshine! 

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