Monday, November 9, 2015


I don't think I ever posted about the kids on Halloween! I'm SO far behind blogging! I'll likely never catch up, but I hope to get the "important" things down!

Each of the big kids was very specific about what they wanted to be for Halloween- and they knew from early on!

Jay desperately wanted to be a Skylander. If you don't know Skylanders, it's a game on Wii. His older cousins have taught him about it and he's pretty obsessed. He eats, drinks, sleeps Skylanders. Between my older sisters and I, we have spent $1,000,000 on Skylanders. Obviously that's a total exaggeration, but these things aren't cheap. I'm so thankful for eBay and older siblings who pass things down! Anyway, his favorites don't come in Halloween costumes, so he settled for some of the second choices. He actually chose three- and made a game-time decision Halloween night on which one was going to be! He ended up going with Stinkbomb! :)

I feel like this officially makes him a "big boy"- you know, he chooses the cheap store made costumes! I would give anything to dress them all in a theme together, but I'm pretty confident those days are long gone now... Sigh...

Since we weren't doing anything crazy for Halloween and Charley Kate heard her brother asking to be something specific, she decided she wanted to be a mermaid. And not just any mermaid (off of Amazon Prime). We had to go hunting for the perfect one. Guess where we found it? Not in any of the boutique catalogs or costume stores.... but in Walmart! It was a last ditch effort (I never go in there) and thank goodness it was "the one" because I was out of options! She looked adorable and with a little last minute stitching it actually fit! Whoops!

And then there was Molly. Poor Molly. As of Thursday afternoon she didn't have a costume. I am SUCH a bad mom. I don't know what my deal was, but I just wasn't about Halloween this year. Thursday morning I went to Target to get some inspiration for an off the rack costume and there was NOTHING that felt right.

So Thursday afternoon while I was checking at a costume shop for something for Molly, I walked down the 80's adult aisle, and it hit me- Molly and her sweet little mullet were PERFECT for an 80's gal! It was SUPER easy to round up a costume with all the neon out and popular right now! She even let me put pink blush and blue eyeshadow on her! I'm not gonna lie- I was really proud of this one!

Michelle was in town for a work event for Scott, so we had them to trick or treat with, which meant along came all the younger cousins and my sisters! It was super fun being together- I think it's the first time since Jay was 1 or something- we've always done our neighborhood party. We ordered pizza before, and headed out. We ran into my BFF which was a treat for the kids! Jay and Wyatt are BFF and Molly and Ford love each other. CK is going to marry Jack (seriously, they are so cute together and love playing together!). Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the last pair, but the others were so happy to take a pic together!

Molly was very happy, but I tried to put her headband on and she was NOT having it!

Such a fun night- but I was EXHAUSTED after! :)

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