Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Run

This past weekend we went to Dallas for a jillion reasons- to meet Andrea's new baby, to see Michelle's new house, to visit with family, to take family pictures, and to participate in a run for one of Anthony's dear friend's little girl, Christina who was born with CCHS.

I will get to all the other fun details later, but the run was a really amazing event! CCHS has only 1200 documented cases EVER- so obviously there is a great deal of research that needs to be done. The race was a 1/4/8 mile run in Keller (near Anthony's hometown of Southlake). There were so many wonderful high school and college people who were there to support little Christina- it was amazing.

The race started at 7:30 am Sunday, and we were staying with Michelle in south Dallas. So it took us a solid hour to get there! We woke the kids up at 5:45, bundled them up, and drove north. We told them the night before what were going to be doing and that they didn't have to run at all, they could all just ride in the stroller.

Well, once we got there and the horn sounded to start the one mile race, Jay was OFF! You say the word RACE to that kid and his competitive nature kicks in!

We were at the back of the pack ready for a leisurely jog/stroll. The race began and Jay darted through the people to the front of the group. He was on a mission. Anthony was pushing the stroller and we couldn't weave our way through all the people, so his best friend, Jake said he'd go jog with Jay.

The race was a half mile with a turnaround. As we were approaching the turnaround, we saw Jay had already turned and was on his way back- with Jake chasing behind him. The look on Jake's face was priceless- he was red and sweaty and hot, and said, "I can't keep up with your kid!" We were dying laughing that Jay had sprinted (for his little body) a 1/2 mile! But he was determined to pass as many folks as he could!

Once we were about 3/4 mile in, we realized Jay was going to finish way before us and we weren't going to get to see it! And there was NO way Anthony and I could run fast enough to catch up to him! Seriously!!! (Well, Anthony could have but I really wanted help pushing that double stroller- and there was no way he could run that fast with the stroller!).

Anyway, Jay crossed the finish line in FOURTH place overall with Jake in fifth! He ran a mile in under 9 minutes (and that was starting at the back of the line). I won't lie- that was ridiculously impressive to me! Now, obviously it wasn't the most grueling race if the 4th and 5th place finishers were just under 9 minutes, but for a new 5 year old? That is remarkable!

(Yes it is a proof- each picture was $25 to download!!!!!!!)

Jake said he definitely got tired towards the end but kept pushing on.

I may or may not have had tears watching him cross the finish line (from behind him!). It was just the sweetest sight- to see his determination and his perseverance and his competitive nature just pop up. It was definitely one of those moments as a parent that makes you so proud.

And the kid was TIRED after! He just sat in the stroller and kind of zoned out. We kept asking him what he wanted to eat or drink- and he just answered that he couldn't because he'd barf. Ha! He ran HARD!

Needless to say it was a fun moment as a family- with good friends, supporting a great cause, and watching your child blossom- thankful we were there. And so thankful that all the kids- the girls included were such troopers that morning! CK only got a 20 minute nap on the ride home and Molly only a 45 minutes nap- ALL DAY. But the kids were in great spirits and we are thankful for each of them.

Oh, and Jay woke up Monday morning and couldn't walk down the stairs. He said his legs were SOOOOO sore! Ha!! Poor guy! But he wasn't complaining- he honestly (all on his own) took it as a badge of honor that he was sore. "Mom, my legs are SO sore! And that means my muscles are getting bigger!" And he talked non stop all day Sunday and all day Monday about the race. "Mom, remember when I passed that big kid?" "Mom remember how I got 4th in the race?" "Hey mom, remember how we ran that race?"  Ahhhhh love that boy!


Tracy said...

Oh my goodness this post brought tears to my eyes! What a proud moment for him and as parents. What a blessing to have such a tenacious boy, not giving up. What an awesome kid! ♡

the blogivers said...

That is crazy - what a little beast!!