Sunday, October 18, 2015


Anthony and I both the type of people who need time with good friends. We both crave the social world- not the small talk social world- but the friend world. We love spending time with our friends and we have made SUCH good friends over the years. I also love that we both have friends from all stages of our life- growing up, high school, college, work world, church world, and now kids' friends' parents world. 

Turns out, our kids are the same way. 

Jay has a ton of friends. He likes to know who everyone is and their life story and has become great friends with a LOT of kids. He seriously can tell you everything about every kid he ever meets- at school, in soccer, in gymnastics, at church. EVERYONE. 

Charley Kate is polar opposite. She needs one (or two) really good friends. She is perfectly satisfied with those few good friends. She couldn't tell you the names of the other kids in her class. Not that she's being ugly or cliquish, she just doesn't have that need

The jury is out with Molly- I can't wait to see where she lies. In true third kid fashion I imagine she will fall somewhere right in the middle. 

We have so loved getting to spend good quality time with our friends lately. Not only the adults, but the kids as well. Since adults don't take as many pictures as kids, the kids' photos will have to do!

Thank you, God for the blessing of friends! 

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