Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dallas Fun!

We had so much fun in Dallas last weekend!

Can I tell you how convenient it is to have both my and Anthony's little sisters living three houses away from each other?! I'm not kidding when I say our kids just ran back and forth all day long! It was so great!

We loved getting to see our newest nephew/cousin Baby Grayson. He is SOOO teeny! You forget they come so teeny... and so not-needy. Obviously they are needy- food and holding and changing diapers and burping... But there is something so beautiful about them not really having a voiced opinion just yet... ha!

As you can see, Jay was the baby hoarder! He definitely has baby fever! Heeehee. The rest of the time was spent playing with cousins and grandparents!

Sloan is a LITTLE obsessed with "Big Boy"

And then there was the fact that my little sis just moved into her house and they are currently undergoing a HUGE reno project- that she and Clay (and Scott but he was gone all week!) are living through! Poor girl- she is a TROOPER! No hot water/gas for a WEEK! No washing machine, one sink, one shower, one toilet... God bless the patience and optimism of that girl. If I could be a tenth as wonderful as she...

My bedmates... No room for mama!

And I got NO pictures with her or Clay the entire weekend! What?!?! Grrr....

Sunday morning we got to see some of Anthony's old friends from high school at the race. We were fortunate to see so many people and do so many wonderful things. But there is just never enough to see everyone... This was the first weekend in a  jillion visits to Dallas that I didn't get to see my BFF, Cara... Boo! Hopefully we can make up for it next time!

Onto the grind of the week in Houston!

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