Sunday, September 27, 2015


One of the best parts of our school schedule craziness is my Thursdays- it's a day for just Charley Kate and me.

Being a middle child is a tough gig sometimes- she came into this world with a very young sibling, so there hasn't been tons of just Charley Kate time. Thursdays have become such a special time for us. We get to do whatever we want as "big girls." So far we've only had a couple of Thursdays together, but we've done some shopping, some mani/pedi time, and this past Thursday was a baking day (!!) for us.

Now, while I pride myself on being a decent cook, I have never claimed to be a good baker. I've gotten better over the years, but I would not call it "my thing" yet. In fact, I would call myself a baud baker. Seriously. However, CK LOVES to cook with me, and one of her favorite foods in the world is cinnamon rolls. So this past week I found a yummy (and easy-enough looking) recipe for cinnamon rolls. The plan was to drop Jay, drop Molly, dash to the store for ingredients, and then quick bake them in the 2 hours of freedom we had.

Well, my plan to find pre-made (thawed) dough backfired, so I had to make ALL the dough from start to finish- which is a LOOOONG process. I'm talking let-the-yeast-rise kind of dough. Dear Lord- what had I gotten myself into?!? I was in WAY over my head!

So we spent all morning mixing and waiting and mixing and waiting and kneading and waiting. In between all the active time, we spent our waiting time playing Barbies and going on a bike ride, and just hanging out.

A phone call (or two) later to my baker sister, we figured it out and got everything prepped for baking before having to go pick up Jay and Molly. Once we were back we baked the rolls, mixed up the icing (OMG best thing I have ever tasted. Seriously, so insanely good!), and went to town tasting these BIG AS YO FACE cinnamon rolls!

Y'all! I am SO proud of us! They were delicious!!!!! We did GREAT!

But more importantly than delicious cinnamon rolls, we had so much fun together. Charley Kate is such a special little girl. I am so thankful for the time I have with her. She is so aware and in-tune to the world. She notices everything about people and feelings and I love talking with her. I can't wait for the year ahead of Thursdays.

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Brittany said...

I love this!! I'm starting to worry about Georgia Kate being the middle child and how that will affect her in the short and long term. I love that you are able to have these special days with just your sweet Charley!