Friday, September 11, 2015

September So Far

Grrr... I had been doing so well blogging- then life happened and it dropped off again. Meaning, school started and activities started and we have yet again, become crazy busy. We will get the hang of our "new norm" soon, but it's going to take some getting used to.

But in the meantime, we have had lots of fun!

We had Meet the Teacher for the big kids. 
They were SOOO cute in their new classrooms! 

We stopped after Meet the Teacher and had Chick fil a at my parents' house. 
Jay said, "Look mom! This nugget is a rectangle."

Charley always without clothes. 
And always touching Molly. 

And Molly had enough!!

We also had fun playing at home. 
Jay found his own burrow! 

Molly loves on her Texey! 

We spent some big kid time at the painting place while Molly had school again. 
We painted a fierce robot and lovely Hello Kitty. Love time with my bigs!

We got ready to watch the Texans that night!
CK as a cheerleader, Molly ripping her bow off, and Jay being compliant.
Totally these kids!

 We swing by my sister's house and the kids played a little while we waited for daddy to get home. 
Jay is SO good to Molly!

Funny enough we got shown on TV during the Texans game!

That Friday we went and stood outside the church where Officer Goforth's funeral was. 
If you haven't heard the story, google it. We wanted to show our support for not only Officer Goforth and his family, but ALL of our heroes. 

We were supposed to go to the zoo that day, but had a change of plans. And it was SO worth it. 

We were on TV a couple times. 

Mom got interviewed... 

And so did we!
Watch the clip- it's less than two minutes and the kids look so sweet!

We celebrated Clay's first birthday! Can't believe it's already been a year! 
Always fun times in the pool with cousins! 

And Molly hijacked a Dr Pepper and loved it! 

And there was a snake in the pool! Crazy!

Anthony and I got to go to the A&M game that night (in Houston!). 
Some wonderful friends invited us to their suite and it was the BEST way to watch a game! 

We went to Armadillo before and "tailgated" with Anthony's company and several clients. 
It was fun to get out and about for the day with friends. 

Pedicab on the way to the game since we parked in EGYPT!

Church the next morning... the future Mr and Mrs in their Aggie gear in the nursery.
It's just too perfect. 

And this Aggie princess passed out at bed time! 

We were on our way to a birthday and Jay saw this water spot on the driveway. 
He said, "Look mom! It's one of the guys from Pacman!"

I adore this picture of him. SO SO much.

Buddies at the party!

And then just regular play time during the week...

CK at our neighbor's house. 
She LOVES to decorate doll houses!

Molly's handiwork! CK's panties and shorts in the toilet with tons of toilet paper....
and pee and poop.

We went to Gymboree and saw one of Molly's friends! 

And this view was just too good not to share. 
Tex desperately wanted to come snuggle on the bed!

This was the craziest thing...
Jay hopped up the tree and asked me to snap a pic (on the right). 
Later that night I was scrolling through Timehop and this pic popped up- exactly one year prior!
SO crazy to me! And I love how much higher he got and how much bigger he is! 

The big kid neighbors took our kids on the roof (under careful supervision by mom of course). 
They are so good to them and teach them such important lessons!

And today at Costco with Molly. 
Rocking horse and Minnie Mouse. The best!

And reading in the basket while mommy unloaded laundry. 

Up next is first day of school for Jay and CK! Sweet babes!

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Love the news clip video - you guys are like local celebrities! :)