Sunday, September 13, 2015

Jay and Charley Kate Go to School (again!)

Jay and Charley Kate started school (finally!) last week! I feel like we were the last ones to go back! And I only say finally because Jay BEGGED since mid-August to go back!

He started the Tuesday after Labor Day and is going five days a week. His school is 9-12 and he is in Pre-K. This will be a good transition into kindergarten next year. In case you wondering, we are holding him back. With a late August birthday, being a first born, and being a boy, it was just no question. Considering the fact that I was a teacher and had all those sweet, young boys when I taught, it was a no-brainer. Is he smart enough to go on? Of course. Is he big for his age? Yes. Is he mature enough? Absolutely. But I like the idea of extra time for him, and giving him as many opportunities to be a leader as possible. Did we do it for sports? Absolutely not. Do we think he will get bored with curriculum? Not at all. Are we 100% confident in our decision? YES YES YES! I have strong opinions on this topic, in case you can't tell :)

Anyway, he started on a Tuesday and is LOVING being there. His teachers are amazing, his class is small (12 kids!), and the school is wonderful. He is our very very social butterfly and this has satisfied a major need for him. He is a Dalmatian this  year and loves that!

Charley Kate started on Wednesday. She is in the pre-Pre-K class this year. She is a butterfly (same teachers as Jay had last year). She goes three days a week and is in a class with her very BFF, Avery. These girls will be in school together through elementary, middle, and high schools, so we are thankful she gets to go in having a buddy. Plus, we love her parents and siblings so it's a win for all of us! Ha!

Anyway, CK was a little more nervous about starting school and new beginnings. As "social" and "outgoing" as she seems, she is definitely a little bit slower to warm up to things. She also only needs 1-2 of her closest friends, so we are thankful her BFF is in the same class.

We just know it's going to be a wonderful year for these kids. So excited to see what the Lord has in store for them and how they will be shining lights to those around them.