Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Day in the Life

One of the best things I've done on this blog is to write about "ordinary days" with my kids every now and then. I feel like in the world of little kids, there is very very little continuity on a daily basis, so it's hard to really grasp what actually goes on. But at least with these blog entries, I can somewhat remember what the days were like in all the different stages.

I tried to go back and look over the blog and here are the similar posts (I had SO much fun reading them!)...
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Looking over the old ones, I kicked myself for not doing this more often!

But I was thinking over the past week how our summer is coming to end. I can truly truly say I loved every bit of this summer. We were busier than ever, but we had a blast. Molly is at such an amazing age. Jay and Charley Kate are so fun. We just had a great time doing our thing all summer long and I am very sad this is my last week with them.

Without further ado, our day today...

Wake up and breakfast prep. 
Kids woke up between 730-745 today which is totally normal. Actually, this summer we've seen many 8:00+ days- which has been awesome. 

Jay comes down with bedhead and in his boxers and immediately grabs his iPad :)

Charley Kate immediately comes down and goes straight to her Barbies. 
She pretty much only sleeps in panties these days. 

 Everyone is waiting for breakfast...

...including the animals!

 This little nugget doesn't stray far from my side. 
I've already given big brother and big sister breakfast, and now I make breakfast for us!
Jay has bacon and a roll and a juicebox, CK has yogurt and apple slices, and Molly and I have a green smoothie (spinach, banana, peanut butter, agave, ice, milk). 

I finally sit to "eat" my breakfast and I get this... All sorts of snuggles on the couch. 
Who needs personal space anyway?!

Morning Play/Get Dressed

The next little chunk of time is spent gathering the necessities for clothes for the day while the kids play and I clean up from breakfast. 

You can see how good a certain big brother is to his baby sister. Love!

Morning Exercise

I won't lie, not every single morning is filled with exercise (if we have somewhere to be early then it's out of the question), but the past 6 weeks have been pretty consistent of 3-4 mornings during the work week of me getting exercise. Sometimes it's jogging, sometimes it's the gym, sometimes it's a video... However I can get it in!

Today we went for a scooter ride/jog on the bayou trails. The kids scooter until a certain point and then ride in the double stroller (all three kids!). We stop halfway for them to throw rocks off the bridge and feed the turtles and fish. They hop back in while I jog (carrying the scooters on the stroller), and then they scooter home once we get on the main street. 

Morning/Lunch Outing

Every morning we have some sort of activity (even if it's the park or a longer bayou trip). Today we met friends at indoor warehouse play place that we love. We didn't go at all this summer because it's PACKED with people trying to get their kid's energy out and to beat the heat. It was great to be there today- though it was still pretty crowded!

Jay on the Ropes Course- he is finally old enough to go on it!

Molly running on the big pillow/jumping thing. She's running away. 

Always the loving big brother. 

CK and her BFF Avery!

We ate lunch there (I packed four lunches! Woohoo!!!), played for a while longer, then headed home!

Afternoon Nap/Down Time

Each afternoon Molly goes down (usually around 2ish, give or take an hour! Ha!). The big kids play quietly while I put her down (in our bed- every. single. day. If it ain't broke don't fix it). I have a great sound machine, so she sleeps in there anywhere from 2-3 hours, and I get some time with my bigs. Some days Charley Kate (begrudgingly) naps. Some days (most days) neighbors come over to have a Wii tournament and eat snacks. For instance, yesterday I had NINE kids in my house while Molly napped! Ha! Ages ranged from Molly to 8th grade. 

But today it was just us. I got Molly all snuggled in (yes, the bed is that unmade because I didn't make it before we left this morning. Judge away). 

Jay and CK played together (they play SO well during this time each day- thankyouJesus) while I got her down. 

CK watched a few videos on iPad while Jay played some Skylanders on Wii and I folded laundry. 

We did a little hands-on stuff- PS, these playdough number mats are amazing! CK loved this- Jay was old for it but super loved it, too! 

(I'm not even going to pretend I do this stuff every day. I don't. Somedays I just get stuff done or chill out or prep dinner- those are usually the days when the neighbors are over to keep the kids busy)

This one eventually tapped out. I woke her after 30 minutes. 

Molly was up after 2.5 hours while CK finished her nap. 
Snack time coupled with...

... a brother photobomb!


Most days the neighbors are over or we are hanging around the house. But if Molly wakes up earlier than normal (abnormal) we try to get out to get the last few errands of the day finished. Then we clean up a little while I get dinner ready and wait until Anthony comes home. 

 Today we grabbed dry cleaning, filled the gas tank, got cash, and visited one of my mom's tutoring students who raises chickens for FFA. My kids were in HEAVEN!!!

Then Molly needed some snuggles (and mommy was exhausted so I wanted to sit for a few minutes!) and we watched about ten minutes of Mickey Mouse. 

Bath time early tonight. Molly had already finished, but you better believe I squeeze all three in there!  No sense dragging it out! Ha! 

"Funny" faces ?!?

Cooking dinner! Molly sat on the counter on her perch, and CK sat on the other counter on her perch. These days CK likes to organize and reorganize the spices while Molly plays in the sink while I cook. This is a win because my arms are FREE!!!

Daddy Home and Dinner Time!

I got NO pictures. Grrrrr. Anthony gets home between 6:45-7 and we eat dinner shortly after (around 7:15 or so each night). We sit at the dinner table together and it's one of my favorite times of day. All of my peeps together in one place. Perfection! 

After dinner play time and get ready for bed!

I spend this time doing the dishes while Anthony plays with the kids some. Then some nights we clean up before, but most nights we don't. 

Molly being silly.

A rousing game of hide and seek. Usually it's tag or wrestle with daddy. 

Bed Time!

We usually head up around 8:30 or so. It's definitely been later during the summer- the school year it was around 8:00ish. But we love this time and the kids love getting to play with their daddy some. It's a much needed time for everyone! 

Tonight was my night to get the big kids down (we swap every night). The bigs sleep together and trade beds each night. Molly goes down in her room and we JUST THIS WEEK got rid of all bottles. I am pretty sure that hasn't really hit me yet! Tear!

Night Things!

Usually I will come down from getting whatever kids asleep and pick up the toys and house. Anthony falls asleep with whatever kid he puts down EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. So this is my time for just me. I wish I would feel motivated to exercise now, but I don't want to run alone in the dark while my husband is asleep and potentially wouldn't hear his phone ring, and I don't want to hike it to the gym at 9:30. So I clean and do laundry and catch up on TV shows. These days I've actually blogged more, so that's super exciting (ha!). But it's time for me to catch up on whatever I need to do. 

Tonight I watched my sorority sister on Below Deck, busted out the computer for this post, and ate a spoonful (or two) of Nutella. It's a necessity tonight. :)

I usually go to bed around 11:30-12... it's 11:35 right now, so I guess it's time to close down!

And that is a pretty typical day in our lives right now. It's busy and hectic and nonstop, but I LOVE it and wouldn't have it any other way. Seriously! 


Jason and Jenny said...

Day in the life posts are my favorite! Your days do sound BUSY but so fun!

ChelseaSalomone said...

I love these posts!! It's so fun to see the little differences but also, how similar our days really are. I admire how carefree and laid back you seem with your kids schedules and routines- I think that's awesome and I bet they are so flexible for it. I do not operate best that way but I really wish I did more. Love those number mats too! You are a good mom!!

Brittany said...

Love this!! You're such a great mom!!