Sunday, September 27, 2015


One of the best parts of our school schedule craziness is my Thursdays- it's a day for just Charley Kate and me.

Being a middle child is a tough gig sometimes- she came into this world with a very young sibling, so there hasn't been tons of just Charley Kate time. Thursdays have become such a special time for us. We get to do whatever we want as "big girls." So far we've only had a couple of Thursdays together, but we've done some shopping, some mani/pedi time, and this past Thursday was a baking day (!!) for us.

Now, while I pride myself on being a decent cook, I have never claimed to be a good baker. I've gotten better over the years, but I would not call it "my thing" yet. In fact, I would call myself a baud baker. Seriously. However, CK LOVES to cook with me, and one of her favorite foods in the world is cinnamon rolls. So this past week I found a yummy (and easy-enough looking) recipe for cinnamon rolls. The plan was to drop Jay, drop Molly, dash to the store for ingredients, and then quick bake them in the 2 hours of freedom we had.

Well, my plan to find pre-made (thawed) dough backfired, so I had to make ALL the dough from start to finish- which is a LOOOONG process. I'm talking let-the-yeast-rise kind of dough. Dear Lord- what had I gotten myself into?!? I was in WAY over my head!

So we spent all morning mixing and waiting and mixing and waiting and kneading and waiting. In between all the active time, we spent our waiting time playing Barbies and going on a bike ride, and just hanging out.

A phone call (or two) later to my baker sister, we figured it out and got everything prepped for baking before having to go pick up Jay and Molly. Once we were back we baked the rolls, mixed up the icing (OMG best thing I have ever tasted. Seriously, so insanely good!), and went to town tasting these BIG AS YO FACE cinnamon rolls!

Y'all! I am SO proud of us! They were delicious!!!!! We did GREAT!

But more importantly than delicious cinnamon rolls, we had so much fun together. Charley Kate is such a special little girl. I am so thankful for the time I have with her. She is so aware and in-tune to the world. She notices everything about people and feelings and I love talking with her. I can't wait for the year ahead of Thursdays.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Back to School Musings

So the kids have been back in school now for a couple of weeks.

I won't lie, I was all kinds of stressed thinking about having to get up and get Jay to school every day, then picking CK up at one time MWF, Molly up at another time on M/Th, and grab Jay at a different time than CK on MWF and then all alone on T/Th. Sigh- I'm tired just thinking about it.

But, the past few weeks have gone surprisingly well and I think we are adjusting to this new schedule just fine! Do I spend a lot of time in the car? YES! And while I could probably make this easier and think about carpools and all of that, I remind myself that THIS IS MY JOB right now, and somehow, that makes it so much easier. This is what I'm here for right now- running back and forth and getting the kids where they need to be. It's like a puzzle, and I LOVE puzzles!

Ask me again in April and I'll probably be singing a different tune! Ha!

Anyway, some musings from the first weeks of school (well, my biggest musing was already above, so check that one off the list)....

-See above

-Mornings aren't as bad as I thought they'd be. We have our little routine. Get up, feed pets, feed kids, change diapers, get clothes, Mommy gets ready, kids are dressed, make lunches, clean up breakfast, grab bags/brush hair and teeth/tie shoes, out the door! It's like a well oiled machine- and PLEASE don't anyone try to come in and mess it all up! :)

-Making lunches hasn't been as big of a pain as I thought. Jay is so easy- eats about the same thing every day. Molly was my worry, but since she isn't eating at school it doesn't really matter what I put in (ha!), and CK eats like a bird still so I can just pack fruits and dairy and we're good. No sandwiches in this house (NONE!). I swear my life would be a tiny easier if my kids would just eat sandwiches!

-Jay has done so well of course. He loves school and loves his friends. His teachers are such a blessing and answered prayer. He is doing well, behaving excellent, and making us proud!

-Charley Kate has acclimated well. She was so nervous about starting, but she seems to be doing very well. She loves going, loves her teachers, and is making friends. While Jay already knows every kid in his class and their life history, CK only remembers the names of the few she plays with. She will get there, she just has a different need than her brother.

-And sweet Molly... well, she doesn't cry the WHOLE time anymore. She screams at drop off and pick up, but they actually say she is happy between! I've even seen pictures! Ha! And I got a note on Thursday last week that she actually ate some strawberries at school (!!!!)- she's been refusing food while she's there. Anyway, I think we are making progress! Oh, and she also remembers the songs they sing in chapel which is ADORABLE!!!! I'll just hear her "singing" in the back of the car on the way home- hand motions and all!

-While it sounds like I should have a lot of freedom, it boils down to about 2 hours on Monday that I get all to myself. Between drop off here and pick up there and kids at school on different days, I have about 2 hours to myself every week. That sounds terrible, but honestly, it's just the right amount for me! Last week I got a haircut and even had time to run several errands after!

-I forgot how incredibly fast it is to run errands with no children. Un.Be.Lieve.Able. Seriously. I ran like 5 errands in 30 minutes last week and had 15 minutes to spare. Crazy.

-I really do miss my babies. We were in such a great spot this summer. So enjoyable, such great ages. It is so good for them to (slowly) to stretch their wings, but man, this momma bird loves a full nest!

Anyway, I'll report again in a few months when Molly has stopped crying (ha!) and the kids are all continuing to do well.

Thankful for a wonderful start to a great year!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Look Alikes!

I totally forgot to post these last week... I just can't get over how similar the girls look!

Charley Kate was 18 months when she wore this, and Molly is 15 months. But everything else is pretty dang similar- down to the shoes! Molly, however, was NOT feeling the bow!

And then I found THIS- and I just about fell over! The EXACT same!!! Crazy!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Jay and Charley Kate Go to School (again!)

Jay and Charley Kate started school (finally!) last week! I feel like we were the last ones to go back! And I only say finally because Jay BEGGED since mid-August to go back!

He started the Tuesday after Labor Day and is going five days a week. His school is 9-12 and he is in Pre-K. This will be a good transition into kindergarten next year. In case you wondering, we are holding him back. With a late August birthday, being a first born, and being a boy, it was just no question. Considering the fact that I was a teacher and had all those sweet, young boys when I taught, it was a no-brainer. Is he smart enough to go on? Of course. Is he big for his age? Yes. Is he mature enough? Absolutely. But I like the idea of extra time for him, and giving him as many opportunities to be a leader as possible. Did we do it for sports? Absolutely not. Do we think he will get bored with curriculum? Not at all. Are we 100% confident in our decision? YES YES YES! I have strong opinions on this topic, in case you can't tell :)

Anyway, he started on a Tuesday and is LOVING being there. His teachers are amazing, his class is small (12 kids!), and the school is wonderful. He is our very very social butterfly and this has satisfied a major need for him. He is a Dalmatian this  year and loves that!

Charley Kate started on Wednesday. She is in the pre-Pre-K class this year. She is a butterfly (same teachers as Jay had last year). She goes three days a week and is in a class with her very BFF, Avery. These girls will be in school together through elementary, middle, and high schools, so we are thankful she gets to go in having a buddy. Plus, we love her parents and siblings so it's a win for all of us! Ha!

Anyway, CK was a little more nervous about starting school and new beginnings. As "social" and "outgoing" as she seems, she is definitely a little bit slower to warm up to things. She also only needs 1-2 of her closest friends, so we are thankful her BFF is in the same class.

We just know it's going to be a wonderful year for these kids. So excited to see what the Lord has in store for them and how they will be shining lights to those around them.

Friday, September 11, 2015

September So Far

Grrr... I had been doing so well blogging- then life happened and it dropped off again. Meaning, school started and activities started and we have yet again, become crazy busy. We will get the hang of our "new norm" soon, but it's going to take some getting used to.

But in the meantime, we have had lots of fun!

We had Meet the Teacher for the big kids. 
They were SOOO cute in their new classrooms! 

We stopped after Meet the Teacher and had Chick fil a at my parents' house. 
Jay said, "Look mom! This nugget is a rectangle."

Charley always without clothes. 
And always touching Molly. 

And Molly had enough!!

We also had fun playing at home. 
Jay found his own burrow! 

Molly loves on her Texey! 

We spent some big kid time at the painting place while Molly had school again. 
We painted a fierce robot and lovely Hello Kitty. Love time with my bigs!

We got ready to watch the Texans that night!
CK as a cheerleader, Molly ripping her bow off, and Jay being compliant.
Totally these kids!

 We swing by my sister's house and the kids played a little while we waited for daddy to get home. 
Jay is SO good to Molly!

Funny enough we got shown on TV during the Texans game!

That Friday we went and stood outside the church where Officer Goforth's funeral was. 
If you haven't heard the story, google it. We wanted to show our support for not only Officer Goforth and his family, but ALL of our heroes. 

We were supposed to go to the zoo that day, but had a change of plans. And it was SO worth it. 

We were on TV a couple times. 

Mom got interviewed... 

And so did we!
Watch the clip- it's less than two minutes and the kids look so sweet!

We celebrated Clay's first birthday! Can't believe it's already been a year! 
Always fun times in the pool with cousins! 

And Molly hijacked a Dr Pepper and loved it! 

And there was a snake in the pool! Crazy!

Anthony and I got to go to the A&M game that night (in Houston!). 
Some wonderful friends invited us to their suite and it was the BEST way to watch a game! 

We went to Armadillo before and "tailgated" with Anthony's company and several clients. 
It was fun to get out and about for the day with friends. 

Pedicab on the way to the game since we parked in EGYPT!

Church the next morning... the future Mr and Mrs in their Aggie gear in the nursery.
It's just too perfect. 

And this Aggie princess passed out at bed time! 

We were on our way to a birthday and Jay saw this water spot on the driveway. 
He said, "Look mom! It's one of the guys from Pacman!"

I adore this picture of him. SO SO much.

Buddies at the party!

And then just regular play time during the week...

CK at our neighbor's house. 
She LOVES to decorate doll houses!

Molly's handiwork! CK's panties and shorts in the toilet with tons of toilet paper....
and pee and poop.

We went to Gymboree and saw one of Molly's friends! 

And this view was just too good not to share. 
Tex desperately wanted to come snuggle on the bed!

This was the craziest thing...
Jay hopped up the tree and asked me to snap a pic (on the right). 
Later that night I was scrolling through Timehop and this pic popped up- exactly one year prior!
SO crazy to me! And I love how much higher he got and how much bigger he is! 

The big kid neighbors took our kids on the roof (under careful supervision by mom of course). 
They are so good to them and teach them such important lessons!

And today at Costco with Molly. 
Rocking horse and Minnie Mouse. The best!

And reading in the basket while mommy unloaded laundry. 

Up next is first day of school for Jay and CK! Sweet babes!