Monday, August 17, 2015

The Great Computer Fix

Ahhh, after over a week I finally have my computer back!

Years ago when we bought this MacBook, we had no idea what we were going to need as far as space, etc... Well, fast forward a few years, a few kids, and a LOT of pictures and videos and our storage space was GONE! I was having to go through pictures and delete and go through old files and delete- like almost every night. It was so frustrating!

So I went to the Apple store and made a little genius bar appointment to figure out my options. I knew I could get a new hard drive, and I had everything backed up on an external, so I just wanted to make sure I was getting the right thing.

After a while with the guy, he helped me purchase a new hard drive that would work. He also told me I could install it myself but I should be sure to wear gloves and stand in the kitchen because of something about radioactive rays or something I had no clue about. Needless to say it scared me enough NOT to try it by myself!

Once our new hard drive arrived I took it into a computer shop nearby that my family had used- and told the guy there everything. First off, he laughed hysterically at the whole "stand in your kitchen and wear gloves" part of the story calling it total CRAP. Secondly, we got out my new hard drive to find out it was wrong wrong wrong. Seriously, Genius Bar?!!?

So long story short, the good guy got all the parts, installed it, and transferred all our files. So voila! Brand new computer!

Anyway, during that time, lots has gone on (as always around here- HOW ARE WE SO BUSY!?).

Daily walks have gotten HOT for Tex!

 Tex got super wobbly and sort of fell over/collapsed one day on our walk (short distance, not too hot). We think he might have had a little mini-stroke! Poor buddy. 
So I made him ride back home!

We have been playing at cousins' houses!

 The kids have found a new place to play while Mommy cooks! 

 Ella proves daily that she is one of the best cats that has ever lived! 

 Pool fun with buddies after camp! 

 These three... Such a special friendship!

Jay LOVES playing Wii these days! 

CK and Ella have developed quite the relationship this summer! 

 Molly has followed in her sister's footsteps and absolutely fallen in love with playing babies!

We've had some really fun family days exploring the Texas countryside. Our kids have loved the freedom of open land and being outside. And who doesn't love a good gator ride!?

 First Astros game!!! 

The girls actually had a great time! 

Another day, another CK/Ella nap.

Apparently this is normal behavior for boys.
I just don't get it.


And he is so good to her.

And this little pumpkin just goes until she drops.

More playing with cousins!

Molly discovered makeup. She loves everything about it.
On that note- try Little Cosmetics for little girls who love makeup.
Fake makeup, looks real- it's GENIUS.

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit!
(Yes, CK is doing Hook em Horns)

Birthday party fun!

I swear these two will get married one day.

And the highlight of the past few weeks was our first ever ER trip with one of the kids. 

I was getting ready for church on a Wednesday night and the kids were playing. Jay was behind a big, comfy chair playing peekaboo with Molly. She wanted up and was reaching for him. He pulled her up (by one hand/arm) and dislocated her elbow. Though I didn't know that at the time. She started SCREAMING (it was that "in pain" scream). There was no redness or swelling, but every single time her arm moved a centimeter, she screamed. She just held it by her side. I just knew it was not right. I called my mom, had my BFF Courtney pick up the kids and take them to Anthony at the restaurant before church, met my mom and headed to the ER. We were driving in 6:00 pm traffic, which was awful. I called Courtney's sister in law who is a nurse at the TCH ER and she met us in the waiting room. We waited a much shorter time I'm sure because of Haley! 

Though we are both smiling here- don't let it fool you. She would only sit right on me and would not use her left arm at all. As long as it was by her side and tucked tightly under her blanket, she was ok. As soon as we would shift positions she would scream. 

So long story short... We waited and finally saw the doc. She twisted her arm and popped it back in. Molly was FURIOUS. Afterwards the doc told Molly, "Can you give me a high five? Can you lift your arm for me? I need to see you move it before you can go home." Molly looked at her and said, "NO!" Ha! So then she offered her a popsicle and Molly reached that hurt arm right up and grabbed it! We knew it was back in and we could go home! 

Soooo... that's our last two weeks wrapped up in photos. I swear I will try harder to blog more. Agh! No time... :)

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