Sunday, August 30, 2015

Miss Thang

Really the point of this blog was to document stories and things that I don't want to forget.

And I have missed so many lately- but I really do want to remember as much as I can about these precious kids.

So if you remember, Charley Kate LOOOVED swim team season because she loved the meets. Mainly because our neighbor, Maggie (a 12 year old girl) would scoop her up and take her to sit with the big kids. Being a little girl in the middle of the big kids, they would just love all over her and make her the center of attention. Obviously CK loved this!

Last week we went to the Stratford HS football game. All the local kids were there, and Maggie found us, scooped CK up and took her with her friends (which happened to be in the same section about 15 rows up- we could see everything!). Well, every time I looked up, CK was in the middle of the group with everyone's attention! Unreal!

CK and Maggie at the end of the night!

So the best part is, the next day, Maggie posted this picture on Instagram (and tagged me). Girlfriend got a ton of likes and a ton of comments- on little Miss Thang. Sigh...

Anyway, I am traumatized enough that my 3 year old was the center of the big kids' attention. Then that she was an instagram favorite.

But not only that, Maggie came by the next day and we were chatting about the game. Apparently, the heartthrob of the eighth grade boys, William, took a "liking" to her (of course, not really- she's a little girl and he's a sweet boy). But now she has a crush on this boy. I'm pretty sure this was the entire reason some of these girls hung around for so long- Miss Thang brought out the cute boys, so the rest of the girls really played up liking her for their attention.

Anyway, Maggie told me about the crush Charley Kate had on him (ugh!!!), and then he commented with googly eyes on the Instagram post... THIS IS ALL TOO MUCH FOR ME! She is only THREE. These things aren't supposed to happen yet.

So it looks like the boy-crazy time is beginning around here. Wish us luck. And send lots of prayers.

(Disclaimer- this is really all in jest. All of these things are true and happened, but if I really felt like there were "feelings" or anything remotely inappropriate none of this would be continuing. This is just good fun and everyone being silly.)

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The Joiners said...

Glad you wrote that disclaimer so I could hang up in the middle of my attempt at calling CPS ;) But for real, love that she's getting to hang with the big kids- sounds like a toss-up of who loves it the most!