Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Jay's Glow Party!

We had the best time celebrating Jay's FIFTH birthday!

We woke up and had birthday donuts (of course!). He opened a few presents from his sisters (CK especially worked hard to pick a special gift). We played Wii, we had lunch wherever he wanted (Chick Fil A!), we played at Grandeb's house, and we had his party!

Playing MarioKart with Grandeb!

I feel like for the past several years, his parties have been a mix of mom and dad's friends, plus people we have to invite, plus his friends. This year I really wanted to focus on just Jay's friends. So we invited his nearest and dearest and it was perfect!

We had his party at the jump place near us, and not only was it a jump party, it was a GLOW party! So we had friends wear neon and/or white and the kids had a BLAST playing in the dark. I mean it was pitch black plus some blinking black lights. It was AWESOME!!!! We had glow necklaces and glow party favors and glow in the dark everything! The kids had so much fun doing obstacle courses and sliding and bouncing all over. (You can't tell from the pictures, but it's PITCH BLACK in there!)

Jay jumping!

Flying Charley Kate! 

We were so excited to see my cousin Kelli and her girls. It had been three months since they were gone for the summer, and the reunion was a happy one!! These girls were inseparable!

Molly loved sliding with her daddy!

The kids LOVED this dang tornado shelter! Ha!

Well, except the littlest girls... ha!

It was time for cake and snacks and lots of pictures with his buds!

Guess who loved the cake?!?

The party was certainly one to remember. We are so thankful for all of the people who bless Jay's life. He is surrounded by wonderful people!

After the party we headed back to our house for the family party- pizza and cake and swimming and Wii and presents with cousins/aunts and uncles/grandparents. It was wonderful!

This was the perfect day for our awesome little guy! Thankful for all the birthday wishes from near and far!

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