Friday, August 21, 2015


Jay is FIVE. My firstborn is five years old!

I say it each year, but how how how??

I remember last year writing about Jay and how wonderful he was. I remember Anonymous commenting that I was too braggy. You know what? I'm going to do it again! I'm going to write about the kind of kid he is- because he deserves to read about it one day and I deserve to talk about my kids and how wonderfully unique they are. 

This boy is something special. The pleaser, the rule follower, the "easy" one. He does what is asked and is disappointed if he feels he let us down. 

He's smart. He is (beginning) reading and spelling. He asked a month ago to learn how to read and we sat down and learned. I have never pushed him or pulled out my teacher side unless he's asked. No reason to. He loves numbers and can complete complex patterns quickly in his head. He can place all 50 states on a blank map. I'm telling you- this kid is a deep thinker. 

Jay's athleticism is showing more and more. He's a dynamite swimmer, and loves golf lessons and sports camp. He is begging to play flag football (no way- not yet!) and loves playing catch with his dad outside. 

He loves video games on the Wii and iPad, and is actually really good at them! Seriously, he beats most everyone he plays. 

He knows the books of the Bible, can quote memory verses, and can answer Jeopardy questions about Bible stories (seriously!). He's so into reading the Bible together each night and asks to pray when he's scared or nervous about something.  

He is so social and loves to be around friends! He's already had several non-family sleepovers and doesn't understand why his buddies aren't quite ready yet. He begs for friend time every day. I swear he has more friends than Anthony and I combined! He has a need to be around people- he thrives on relationships. 

But what makes this kid so awesome is his precious heart. He is a genuinely kind and caring kid. Anthony and I often just stare at him in awe and ask how we got so lucky to call this kid ours. He is tender-hearted and sensitive, yet strong and protective. 

Jay Andrew, you're a one of a kind boy. We know you are destined for great things and we can't wait to see what the future holds! Happy birthday, buddy!!

In case you wanted to read all about precious Jay and his birth, click here. You know I've read it 1,000,000 times. :)


Kate said...

Wow, I'm impressed!!! Good job momma!! Happy Birthday, Jay!!

Jules said...

Gosh! He is so special!!! Can't believe these sweet boys of ours are getting so big :(

the blogivers said...

Happy 5th birthday, Jay! Feels like I was just reading about your arrival into the world on the blog 5 minutes ago, not 5 years!!

Brittany said...

Happy birthday to that adorable boy! I remember reading your blog when you were pregnant with him! So crazy! I hope he had a wonderful day!!

Emily Peters said...

What a sweetheart!! I can't believe our boys are five already!!

Tracy said...

Are mom's not aloud to brag, I think I missed that memo? ;) What a special boy and so awesome! You guys are raising a wonderful young man from the sounds of it! What a blessing! Happy birthday!

Julie B said...

What a sweet post about your sweet 5 year old! He's so blessed to have a Mama that invests in and loves him the way that you do!