Monday, August 31, 2015

Molly's First Day of School!

Molly had her first day of school today! While I wish I could report it was all sunshine and roses, it just wasn't (and I knew it wasn't going to be!).

It is no secret that I LOVE my babies and I LOVE having them home with me. But I know that it is good for them to be away from me and start interacting with the outside world and their peers, too. So I signed Molly up for MDO at our church-  the same place Jay went his first year. It is a sweet little school and the teachers all go to our church and are so loving and kind- a great fit.

My only hesitation has been that it's a full day- and I am just never ready for that (at any age frankly- ha!). Anyway, I had it in my mind that a full day away from the kids was good for me (and by full day I mean 9:30-2 of no kids). But something just wasn't sitting right as I prepared my mind for sending Molly to school.

Last night I was up until 1:30 just stressing and thinking of her. I knew it would be hard for her to acclimate being away from me, but picturing her laying on that nap mat was just too much. So at about 1:15 am I decided I was going to be picking her up before nap time each day- at 12:30- just like I had done with Jay! A few of my reasons- she doesn't nap until 2 or 2:30 and she takes a solid 2-3 hour nap at home and this would only allow her a 1-1.5 hour nap at school. There was just no reason to do it!

Once I came to terms with that, I could finally fall asleep- everything else would fall into place in time.

This morning we woke up, got everyone dressed, lunches made, supplies gathered, and headed that way. Jay and CK don't start school until next week, so we had a special day planned as "big kids."

This was actually at Meet the Teacher last week. 
Molly and cousin Hunter are in the same class! 

After I tried to put a bow in her hair!

The pictures at home went well! First step was over! Ha!

We got to school and it helped that big brother and big sister walked her in. We stopped to take a quick picture on the front bench- Molly was NOT happy already.

I'm absolutely obsessed with this picture. 
She. Was. Mad. 

We got in the room and she saw her future husband in there, so helped some! Love these two cuties and so thankful they are in there together!

Once she realized it was time, I bolted out and then the screaming/crying started. Ugh... I was actually fine until I saw the ladies up front who worked there. I tried to explain to them that I was picking her up at 12:30 instead of 2 and just started crying. I AM SUCH A WUSS!!!!!

They were so sweet and loving and kind and probably thought I was nuts but certainly didn't show it- which I was very appreciative of! :)

Luckily, I had my bigs and some of our BFFs to keep my mind off missing my baby girl. We had so much fun together doing "big kid" things- like bowling!

We went and picked up Molly, and she was crying when they brought her down. Sheesh. But I know they were loving towards her and they are so sweet to be so patient as she gets situated. We will get there!

We went to the store directly after because Blue Bell ice cream is back in stock!!!!

And we had to give a reward for making it through school- Cheeto Puffs it is! 

And of course, Momma had to pick up some necessities after the emotional day she had... If you really want to judge me you should note that my three year old took the picture. How's that for classy???

So I guess the moral of the story is, for me it's not any easier dropping off the first kid, second kid, or third kid on their first day of school. These kids are the direct lines to my heart- when they aren't with me it's like a little piece of me is missing. It will get easier on all of us, but I love these children dearly. One day when you kids are reading this, just know that. And if I'm still blogging when they graduate college, I know it will be the same dang feeling.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Miss Thang

Really the point of this blog was to document stories and things that I don't want to forget.

And I have missed so many lately- but I really do want to remember as much as I can about these precious kids.

So if you remember, Charley Kate LOOOVED swim team season because she loved the meets. Mainly because our neighbor, Maggie (a 12 year old girl) would scoop her up and take her to sit with the big kids. Being a little girl in the middle of the big kids, they would just love all over her and make her the center of attention. Obviously CK loved this!

Last week we went to the Stratford HS football game. All the local kids were there, and Maggie found us, scooped CK up and took her with her friends (which happened to be in the same section about 15 rows up- we could see everything!). Well, every time I looked up, CK was in the middle of the group with everyone's attention! Unreal!

CK and Maggie at the end of the night!

So the best part is, the next day, Maggie posted this picture on Instagram (and tagged me). Girlfriend got a ton of likes and a ton of comments- on little Miss Thang. Sigh...

Anyway, I am traumatized enough that my 3 year old was the center of the big kids' attention. Then that she was an instagram favorite.

But not only that, Maggie came by the next day and we were chatting about the game. Apparently, the heartthrob of the eighth grade boys, William, took a "liking" to her (of course, not really- she's a little girl and he's a sweet boy). But now she has a crush on this boy. I'm pretty sure this was the entire reason some of these girls hung around for so long- Miss Thang brought out the cute boys, so the rest of the girls really played up liking her for their attention.

Anyway, Maggie told me about the crush Charley Kate had on him (ugh!!!), and then he commented with googly eyes on the Instagram post... THIS IS ALL TOO MUCH FOR ME! She is only THREE. These things aren't supposed to happen yet.

So it looks like the boy-crazy time is beginning around here. Wish us luck. And send lots of prayers.

(Disclaimer- this is really all in jest. All of these things are true and happened, but if I really felt like there were "feelings" or anything remotely inappropriate none of this would be continuing. This is just good fun and everyone being silly.)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Jay's Glow Party!

We had the best time celebrating Jay's FIFTH birthday!

We woke up and had birthday donuts (of course!). He opened a few presents from his sisters (CK especially worked hard to pick a special gift). We played Wii, we had lunch wherever he wanted (Chick Fil A!), we played at Grandeb's house, and we had his party!

Playing MarioKart with Grandeb!

I feel like for the past several years, his parties have been a mix of mom and dad's friends, plus people we have to invite, plus his friends. This year I really wanted to focus on just Jay's friends. So we invited his nearest and dearest and it was perfect!

We had his party at the jump place near us, and not only was it a jump party, it was a GLOW party! So we had friends wear neon and/or white and the kids had a BLAST playing in the dark. I mean it was pitch black plus some blinking black lights. It was AWESOME!!!! We had glow necklaces and glow party favors and glow in the dark everything! The kids had so much fun doing obstacle courses and sliding and bouncing all over. (You can't tell from the pictures, but it's PITCH BLACK in there!)

Jay jumping!

Flying Charley Kate! 

We were so excited to see my cousin Kelli and her girls. It had been three months since they were gone for the summer, and the reunion was a happy one!! These girls were inseparable!

Molly loved sliding with her daddy!

The kids LOVED this dang tornado shelter! Ha!

Well, except the littlest girls... ha!

It was time for cake and snacks and lots of pictures with his buds!

Guess who loved the cake?!?

The party was certainly one to remember. We are so thankful for all of the people who bless Jay's life. He is surrounded by wonderful people!

After the party we headed back to our house for the family party- pizza and cake and swimming and Wii and presents with cousins/aunts and uncles/grandparents. It was wonderful!

This was the perfect day for our awesome little guy! Thankful for all the birthday wishes from near and far!

Monday, August 24, 2015

5 and 15

We had Jay's 5 year and Molly's 15 month check up today.

Loading up to head to the doc!
Middle sis was hanging out with Grandeb while we went- she said she didn't want to hear Molly crying after she got her shots!

Jay measured in as a BIG boy (we aren't surprised- we can see it as he stands next to any/all of his friends).

Height: 46 1/4 in (97%)
Weight: 50 lbs, 4 oz (93%)
BMI: 17 (80%)

He's strong, healthy, and BIG. And his Daddy couldn't be happier!!!! Ha!

Molly had a great appointment, too. She is a happy, healthy, smart little girl and the doctor was very pleased with how she's doing. Belly button hernia is still barely there- just a teeny opening. Hip looks good. Everything else is great!

Height: 30.5 inches (97%)
Weight: 21 lbs, 9.5 oz (56%)
FOC: 18 in (53%)

Homegirl then got three shots. And that was terrible. She was personally insulted- ha! But her "pocky" made it all better after (I have no idea how she got pocky from lollipop!)

Since I don't have any other kids who have already been five years old, I can't compare Jay to anyone. But because I do have two other kids who have also been 15 months, I have measurement comparisons for them...

Jay at 15 months...
Height: 33 1/4 in
Weight: 24 lbs, 3 oz
FOC: 37%

Charley Kate at 15 months...
Height: 30 1/4 in
Weight: 20 lbs, 4 oz
FOC: 53%

So Molly falls somewhere right in the middle. Which is not atypical for this gal!

Praising God for healthy, happy kids!