Sunday, July 5, 2015

Molly's One Year Pics!

Y'all, my friend Michelle is a miracle worker. She takes all of our family photos now, and I truly don't understand how she does it. This is a "hobby" for her- not her job. Just something she loves to do and is really really good at it.

We went to take Molly's one year pics as a family, and I left thinking, "No way we got one good shot. That was chaos!"

It wasn't anything extra crazy, but man, trying to get five people (three of them ages four and under) to look at the camera, pose, and smile is impossible! But Michelle worked her magic and got some incredible shots! So thankful for my dear friend and her talent!

I didn't include all of her pics- there were so many amazing ones! I tried to choose just a few of my faves- but that was really hard and I've left so many out!

Probably my favorite picture. I love how Molly is the center of attention. 
I also love how the parents aren't in it, because let's be honest, it's all about the kids now! 

Hands down my favorite picture of Anthony- ever.

I am obsessed with this picture. I FREAKING love her expression!
"Molly don't care!"

Real life right here. 
All three kids needing something at once. Always. 

Be still my heart!!! 

This was the best part of the whole shoot. 
Michelle had finished and Anthony took the big kids to the playground. 
We were just hanging out talking and Molly whipped off her bow, sat down, and said, "Cheeeeeeese!" 
It is the best photo of her! Glad Michelle could grab her camera in time to snap it! 

Thank you again, Michelle!!! xoxo


the blogivers said...

Great pics, but especially love the last shot and the little story behind it! :)

Tracy said...

What amazing pictures! Such a beautiful family! You all look so great, your beautiful Courtney!