Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Life Lately

Good grief, it just gets harder and harder to blog.

I know everyone is insanely busy. Everyone has 1,000,000 things consuming each and every single day. And my life is no different. I just need about three more hours in a day, y'all. That would give me time to blog and fold laundry and sort through toys. I don't know where 24 hours go, but they go FAST.

So, what have we been doing  over the past few weeks?

Well, Jay has been lizard hunting just about every single day (maybe 10 times a day). 
He found the most adorable baby lizard ever!!!

Ella's been joining us for dinner
Not really! But she climbed up one night and started eating the green peas off our plates!

Charley Kate went to cheerleading camp!

And Jay started golf lessons!

Molly figures out how to stay busy while Mommy cooks dinner. 
(y'all this is genius by the way- she spends TONS of minutes doing this!)

We eat our Mexican food every Friday night!

Molly swings like a big girl!

We celebrated our anniversary!

And each year we get a family pic on or around our anniversary! 

Lunch on our actual anniversary. Anthony worked all day and I taught VBS at night. 
We spent maybe 40 minutes together total that day. 
Such is life when you are grown ups!

Molly learned how fun playing with babies is!

Charley Kate and her cousin got haircuts together!

Spa day for these girls! 

Molly figured out how fun it was to be the teacher in her Bible class (jk obviously)

We had VBS at our church! 

I got to teach with my BFF and our boys! 

My little shepherds!

We had a cousin sleepover! 

We officially entered the stage where we have two kids of the same sex who like the same toys. 
Better buckle up for this one! 

Molly went to her first movie in the theater!

And had a carousel ride after!

We celebrated MeeMaw's first birthday away from us. 

And Molly finally decided she loved her puddle jumper and pretty much doesn't ever want it off!

That brings us up through the end of last week- two days after VBS ended we headed to Dallas for five days! I'll blog about that trip next!

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