Friday, July 24, 2015

Dallas Days

One of the things I wanted to do this summer was get up to Dallas for a few days (not over a weekend). It was surprisingly hard finding several days in a row where everyone was available! But between Anthony's sister, my sister, my BFF, and tons and tons of friends there, I knew we needed to make it happen!

The kids and I headed up on Friday morning. It was pretty much what you would expect out of a 3.5+ hour road trip with three kids four years old and younger. Lots of asking "How much longer?", lots of whining, lots of crying (from a particular little one), lots of singing, and lots of MESS in the car. But we survived somehow. It ended up taking us 4.5 hours because we stopped twice (surprisingly not for pee breaks- more for stretch our legs and keep Molly from freaking out breaks). We even visited ol' Sam Houston on the way up! Why not?!?!

My view. The BACK of the burb! They all wanted to sit together!
This was after our stop at Sam and about 2 minutes down the road to lunch.
(Yes I see CK's seatbelt is on incorrectly. Yes, we corrected it as soon as I noticed. Thankyouverymuch.)

We went straight to Anthony's sister's house where we played with our cousin and saw my sis and Clay and all headed to a splashpad to burn off some energy. It was super super fun (except all but one kid melted down at some point!) so we headed back to Andrea's where we just hung out and played. Eventually Grandma and Grandpa got there and finally Daddy arrived.

Saturday was spent just hanging out and playing. The big kids went to see Minions during the day while the little girls napped and then we just hung around and topped off the day with Smores!

Sunday morning we transferred over to Michelle and Scott's house. We met them for church and then had lunch. Headed to see their new house (!!!!!) and put the littles down for naps. Anthony headed back to Houston and Molly came down with a sweet case of croup. Luckily our doctor called in a steroid and Michelle and me and the babies went to CVS for a drug run- lots of Motrin and Tylenol and tissues. Oh, and props to CVS for the absolute BUTCHERING of our last name. I even spelled it out for them over the phone! Yikes!

We played in the baby pool in the backyard (I think Uncle Scott had the most fun!), headed to the Truck Yard for dinner, and then finished the day off with Steel City Pops. It was SO FUN!

Monday we headed to Grapevine to hit up Legoland and the Aquarium. The Aquarium there is SO STINKING awesome! My kids loved it and we could have spent a loooong time there. Legoland was really fun, but it was pretty crowded and chaotic. All in all, it was a FUN morning together!

All four were in HEAVEN!

Best I could get. Grrrr...

After naps on Monday and once Uncle Scott got home from work, we ate a yummy dinner and headed to their grand opening of their pool. My kids were LOVING the pool time (we don't go many days without swimming) and Clay was a HOOT in the water! It was a really fun time going night swimming with our cousins. Of course, no way to get pictures when we are watching kids in a pool!

That night Mrs Cara came to visit- and my kids were SO excited to see her that they waited out on the curb for her to get there! It is always so good seeing her and after every. single. visit. I lament at the fact that we live so far away. Oh how I miss my friend.

Tuesday was go-home day, but not before tiring the kids out. We headed to the Dallas Zoo and it was really fun! Different than the Houston Zoo, but super fun! It was HOT. And were tired. All three kids took naps on the drive home- which made it go by WAAAAY faster than our way up.

It was truly such a fun trip and so great that we got to see so many of our people. I honestly had plans to get in touch with about a million others, but once Molly had croup I didn't think anyone should be around her (that close to her). So next trip I want to see more folks! Plus, spending time with Michelle is always so good for my soul. We just click and it is SO easy (and always SO fun). I miss that girl (and her boys) something fierce!

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