Sunday, June 14, 2015

Week in Galvy

I swear we don't take advantage of the fact that we have a beach right down the road (about an hour!) from us. Every single time we go to Galveston we say, "Why don't we come here more often?!"

Granted, Galveston isn't pretty. The water is brown, the sand is matching. But it has ocean air, waves (that are gentle!), and is a GIANT sand box. Plus, like I said, it's CLOSE.

The week surrounding Memorial Day we got a bay house in Galveston with some friends (4 families!) and took advantage. The house was perfect for what we needed and slept a jillion people! Lots of bedrooms, even more beds, a great downstairs bar/entertaining area, HUGE yard, golf cart, toys, a great dock, waist deep bay water... Seriously, so perfect!

The moms and kids decided to go up mid-week to hang out for a bit during the week. All the kids had just gotten out of school, and we took advantage! Jay actually went down the day before with the rest of the group- CK was still in recovery mode from mono and I wanted to give her an extra day. This was Jay's first ever sleepover (nonfamily) and it was out of town! He did great!

The girls and I met the group at the house the next morning, then we headed into town to visit Moody Gardens. It was so fun and the kids LOVED seeing all the aquarium creatures!

The kids hung out all afternoon. It never ceases to amaze me how good kids are at just playing. You take away the toys and electronics, and kids are just kids. I love it!

This is honestly one of my all-time favorite pictures. EVER.

The mommas cooked dinner and headed to bed early- watching/entertaining/mothering all those kids in one house (that isn't yours) is exhausting! We woke up the next morning and most people headed home. On a whim, I decided to take my crew into downtown Galveston. They have adorable shops and restaurants and a super old and well-known candy/ice cream shop! Well, of course, as we drove up I looked in the back and Molly AND Charley Kate had passed out. So I drove us down to the seawall and parked along the road. Jay and I hopped out and he played on the beach for a bit. I tell you what, that kid LOOOVES the sand/beach. It is unreal how much he loves it. He played with sticks and shells and waves forever!

Eventually Charley Kate woke up and she joined Jay playing on the beach and in the waves.

Once Molly woke up we headed to lunch on the Strand (downtown Galveston). A lot of times when we are in our normal routine, just a regular old lunch can be stressful. But you go on an "adventure" like this one, and those lunches for some reason seem so much more fun! The kids are excited, momma is happy to be out of our routine, and it just works. That was such a fun little lunch- I know it's one I will always remember.

CK showing me how "full" her belly was after eating. 
I would give anything for my full belly to look like that!

Jay is quite the ham these days!

And my Molly girl!

Once lunch was over we went over to the confectionery. We picked out tons of candy, watched them make some taffy, and got ice cream! It was just perfect!

Except for one thing. There is no "perfect" day. So in true "how could it be worse timing" fashion, Molly decided in the shop to poop. No worries. She did her business and I took the girls into the tiny bathroom with me. And because it's an OLD confectionery, there was no changing table. So I rigged up a setup and changed Molly on the back of the toilet- you know, the part with all the hardware and the flusher. I won't lie, I was CRAZY proud of myself for this feat- changing a baby on the back of the toilet and no one and nothing fell into the toilet!

Until I lifted her up. And then her precious little pink sea wee sweetheart sandal fell into the toilet. Out of sheer panic I reached in and grabbed it out!!!!!!!!! BLECH! Then I quickly grabbed a jillion paper towels and wrapped it up and shoved it in a plastic bag that I got from behind the counter. I went back in (all of this still holding Molly, shepherding Charley Kate, and checking on Jay) and washed my  hands 1,000,000 times.

My one shoe gal. 

We headed back to Houston after we loaded up on candy. It was such a memorable day with my littles. I seriously LOVE summers with them!!

We spent the next few days at home washing all the laundry and unpacking just to pack up again. We headed back down the house Friday afternoon (Molly's birthday!!).

We had some cupcakes that night and everyone sang to Molly.

The kids were so happy to be back and the dads were very pleased with the new digs. We had dinner outside, put the kids to bed, then the adults hung out WAY TOO LATE. It was just too tempting to go to bed when some of your best friends were there to hang out with! Oh, and did I mention Team Squillante won the cornhole tournament?!?

Everyone forgot their speakers- so this was our ghetto setup! Ha!

The next day we spent having FUN! Water slides, jumping/swimming in the bay, golf cart rides, playing in the yard... you name it! Such a great day!!

Treasure made an appearance! 

This was SUCH a great weekend! We can't wait to do it again!

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Brittany said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend!!! I'm the same way about Galveston… every time I'm there I wonder why we don't go more!