Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The End of the Year

I have been meaning to post these for WEEKS now! Grrrr...

It is so hard for me to believe that this school year just came and went! What in the world?!

Watching my two bigs grow this year was amazing. I saw both of them just flourish and their personalities were revealed even more. I am so thankful for such loving teachers and a wonderful school.

Jay had a great year in the Butterfly class. His teachers just loved him, he made some great friends, and his confidence just took off. I am really proud of where he is!

Charley Kate really came into her own this year. She made some friends that were just hers. She started developing her little niche in a group and I have just loved seeing her in her element!

The last day of school this year was when CK had mono. Sadly, she had to miss the parties and the end of the year performance. Luckily my mom was so sweet to watch her.

These next two pictures are some of my favorite ever! 
How sweet and genuine is this kid?! 

Yes, he is freakishly taller than anyone else in his class!

This is when Molly saw Jay on the stage. She was just yelling "Hiiiiiii!" over and over and waving like crazy. 
Sweetest ever!

Jay with his teachers. 

And all the boys in his class. 

And don't worry about CK- one of the PRECIOUS boys in her class brought her a rose- her first ever rose from someone other than her parents! Ahhhhh!!! Be still my heart!

You can see her sick little eyes here. So so sad. 

Can't believe the year is over- but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't ridiculously excited about this summer!!!

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Brittany said...

Such cuties!! Have a great summer!