Thursday, June 18, 2015

Celebrating Molly!

Man, we really dragged out Molly's birthday as much as possible this year! But if I'm being honest, we've done that with all of the littles on their first birthdays, so I don't feel so bad!

We started with Molly's actual birthday... May 22!

We had donuts in the morning (she loves donut holes, so a birthday donut hole it was!)

And then some snuggles with her favorite doggy....

Then we got the youngest cousins who were out of school together for a morning at the skating rink. On Fridays they have "toddler" time where you can bring in any push toy and walk around the rink. It's all young kids and moms and it's super fun for them! Perfect for our new walker who just wants to let loose. PS- It was IMPOSSIBLE to get a picture of just her standing still smiling. Argh!

Cousins and BFFs- just seven months apart!

Jay was thrilled to have found one of his buddies there! 

These group pics are terrible. Too many kids. Too many "big" personalities..

My littles are usually so good at pics... NOT TODAY!

The skating rink wouldn't let us do TEENY cupcakes inside, so we had them outside... Grrrrr

We headed to lunch at Chick Fil A afterwards with Grandeb. Playtime and food were perfect!

And then it was time to pack up and head to Galveston for the weekend! So little Miss Birthday spent her birthday nap in the car... which was great!

We did more cupcakes and singing that night with friends

Then we had her party the following weekend. Well, we tried to have her party the following weekend. I sent out invites a month early, I had prepped. Then we got torrential rains and flooding and the park we were planning to have it at was underwater. All of the backup places were booked and frankly, I didn't want to have 40 people in and out of my house. Sooooo.... I canceled- well, sort of. I had just the family come over- aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents. It was small and easy and perfect. Oh, and I had already paid for a face painter so I had her come and we made even the big kids get their faces painted! Ha!

Only this little nugget who loves her big brother would request a "inja tortle" for her face paint! 

Baby Pirate

Big pirate!

We had such fun celebrating our little Molly girl. She truly is such a gem.


Meg said...

OMG is that the Dairy Ashford skating rink? So many memories!

The Torno's said...

Awww fun! And yes, if that is Dairy Ashford... wow. I had some parties there like 30 years ago!