Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Baby Lover

I always thought it was so funny how much Charley Kate loved babies from an early age. Molly does, too- which always makes me laugh at how girls just learn how to mother from the beginning.

But it really surprised me today...

I snapped this picture of nekkid Char in the rocking chair with two of her babies. She was just rocking them and chatting with them. It was super cute, though not abnormal at all. This is an every single day occurrence. Babies are her life. She takes them everywhere and we have so much baby stuff it doesn't fit in our house. I swear! Anyway, the picture...

The picture alone is cute but nothing major. But as I was putting Molly down for a nap, I pulled up Timehop... And that is when it was REALLY funny!

One year ago with her baby sister. 

Two years ago with her baby doll. 

How funny is that?! All three pictures- same day- same scenario- Charley Kate and her love of babies.

She's going to be a wonderful mother some day!

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the blogivers said...

So funny! Love watching little girls with their baby dolls :)