Monday, May 4, 2015

The Trip!

The last time Anthony and I went on a beach trip sans kids with the summer of 2009. That's right- almost SIX years ago! We went to the Bahamas with some friends of ours, and ever since, we've been pregnant, had kids, or gone on quick weekend jaunts instead.

So this vacation was long overdue. We've been thinking about it since October, when we decided with some of our good friends to book a vacay. We had no idea what Molly would be like by the time of the vacation- would she still be nursing? Would the big kids be ok? Who was going to want to watch three kids? But we booked it and never looked back.

After LOTS of prayers, things just fell into place- one major thing was that Molly dropped her nightly feeding about two weeks before we left and started (for the first time ever!!!!!) sleeping through the entire night the week that we left. Thank you God for answered prayers! Both of our mothers stepped up big time to help (and I'm pretty sure it will take each of them a week to recover!).

Anthony and I were off, and honestly, we needed it so very badly. I could tell the past few months he's been down and tired and not grouchy per se, but definitely not himself. I knew this would be the perfect recharge for him- and was just counting down the days until we left.

We left early on a Wednesday morning and headed to Belize- Victoria House. It was just what the doctor ordered- weak wifi, no tvs (one in the entire resort), and literally nothing to do but lay out, swim, and relax. It forced us to slow down!

Once we landed in Belize City, we took a little puddle jumper to the island. I think there were 12 seats. I was one of the last ones on so I got to co-pilot- and it was probably one of the coolest things I've ever done!!!

I definitely asked the pilot for a selfie. 

Landing in the drizzle! Eek!

We got there and it was cloudy and hot and humid. The sun eventually came out that afternoon (phew!) and we spent the afternoon lounging by the pool, reading, and hanging out. We took a golf cart into town for dinner and it was SO good! We watched a little karaoke after (hilarious!)... It was definitely a perfect first day!

My view from the pool!

Iguana on the tree! 

View from our casita

The roof of our casita!

Outside of our casita!

Golf cart ride!


The next day was my birthday!!!!!

We woke up and had a yummy breakfast, hung out for a bit and read by the pool, had massages in our casita, read/slept/ate lunch by the pool, napped a little, got ready for dinner, and then had a candle light dinner by the beach complete with a red velvet cake! We went into town after and watched a little chicken-drop bingo, and came home and crashed. It was an amazing and relaxing birthday!!

Right before dinner!

Friday the boys went fishing and we spent the morning doing the usual- reading and relaxing (can you see the goal of our trip?!)...

Saturday was our last day there and we were not ready at all. We chartered a catamaran (just the four of us plus a crew!) to just sail and snorkel and relax. We got on the boat and they had BEAN BAG CHAIRS to sit on! Seriously??! How amazing is that!? This little excursion was my favorite part of the trip. It was wonderful to spend time out on the water and who doesn't love a catamaran with your own crew attentive to every single need you have?

This little boat took us to our big boat! 

Bean bag chairs!!!

We got to the snorkel point, and once we got in, I was a little bummed. I was expecting something like Hawaii- just ridiculous colors everywhere and millions of bright, colorful fish. This was a little dull and the fish were few and far between. Until we got started... First off, we had our own private snorkel guide, which was awesome. He would stop and point certain things out to us and tell us what everything was. It was so cool! And though the colors weren't like the rainbow you see in Hawaii, it was really amazing in its own way. For one thing, we saw just about every single thing you could imagine- rays, turtles, eels, sharks, barracuda, grouper, snapper, conch, angelfish, etc... It's like we got a menu and could handpick everything we wanted. It was truly incredible. It felt so good to be back in the water snorkeling- it's one of my favorite things to do. I love diving under the surface and going to look at things up close. I love the power that the flippers give your legs to just take you all over. It really was one of my favorite snorkels- and I had such a bad attitude going in!

We had our fun and got back on the boat- only to be met with fresh ceviche! Agh! So amazing! Then we headed to our next stop- Shark Ray Alley. Yup. We swam with sharks. And rays. And this wasn't like in a little confined area with people-raised sharks. This was just out in the middle of the ocean! It was both incredible and incredibly terrifying. The biggest shark (all nurse sharks) we saw was 14 feet! A FOURTEEN FOOT SHARK WAS WITHIN FEET OF ME!!!!!!!!! The rays were beautiful and we got to pet/feel all of them. It really was just the coolest thing!

We finished off the morning with a wonderful little cruise around and then headed back to the hotel.

We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out by the pool and getting even more burned (even though we all continuously reapplied 70 all day!!). We topped off the day with dinner and watched the fight (BO-RING).

Meanwhile that afternoon we got a picture from the grandparents- such great teamwork and such fun for our kids!!

The next morning, we said goodbye to our favorite waiters/servers/staff, had our last delicious breakfast, and started our trek home.

While I could have stayed another day (or two or three), there was just nothing like the greeting we got when we walked in the doors and saw our kids. Screams and hugs and jumping and kisses- I tell you what, no vacation in the world can top that.

We can't say thank you enough to our parents and my sisters and our Maggie for their help this past week/weekend. It was such a needed getaway for Anthony and me- being in the midst of three young babies and work, there is little time left for just us. These kind of times not only allow us to recharge, but more importantly allows us time to invest in our marriage. Because once those kids are long gone with their own families, it's just going to be us again. And we are going to make sure it's even better then than it is now.


Jenni said... jealous!! We LOVE Belize, and have visited San Pedro several times. What a fun way to celebrate your birthday!! Oh, and my mom won chicken

the blogivers said...

Sounds like a perfect getaway to me! Hope the return to reality hasn't been too rough!

Jason and Jenny said...

Looks like you guys had an amazing time! So much fun! And I love that picture of you with your cake, too cute!

The Joiners said...

Looks like a great trip!! We def need to plan a children-free vacation some time soon... I just have a hard time getting motivated because all of the logistics that it would entail! Lame excuse, I know.

The Torno's said...

You guys look so happy and relaxed! It's so hard to pull off something like that, so happy y'all got away!

Brittany said...

Looks amazing! What a perfect birthday!