Thursday, May 14, 2015

The One About Mono

My three year old has mono.



How in the WORLD did she get this?! Where did it come from?!

Monday CK told us that her neck was hurting. Not her throat, but her neck. We checked it out and her lymph nodes were HUGE (I seriously thought I looked/felt in the wrong place and was seeing her jawbone) and her tonsils were SO swollen. There were a few white specks on them, but I had no idea those were the "white spots" I was supposed to be looking for.

She didn't have fever, said it didn't hurt to swallow, and was acting fine. This continued for two more days. So we continued about our business- school, gymnastics, play date... Totally fine. No fever. Just swollen lymph nodes and tonsils.

By Wednesday morning when they still weren't getting better, I made the executive decision to pick her up early from school and take her in. The night before she had a 99.5 fever- but most wouldn't even consider that a fever! Nothing in the morning so I sent her to school.  Obviously her body was fighting was some infection, but I just wasn't sure and wanted to know when it would get better.

Upon (brief) inspection, the pedi looked at me and said, "Well it's either strep or mono." So they tested her and SHE HAD MONO. What in the world?!?!?!?! He said lots of things about being contagious, about her now 99.9 fever, and that there is nothing to do for this except rest and wait.

Oh y'all. I am NOT a rest and wait gal. I am an on-the-go gal. We don't have time for mono. We have the last day of school, parties, swim team practice, a visit to see my cousin who is about to move, a bay house rented all of next week through Memorial Day weekend, a date night, etc... THERE IS NO TIME FOR MONO IN THIS HOUSE!

We headed home from the doctor confused because she felt absolutely fine. The only thing she complained of was that her neck hurt and she was afraid the doc would squeeze it and hurt it when he was checking her out. So we got to the car and I loaded Molly in (Charley Kate had already crawled in) and before I could even get in my seat, she passed out. The good thing that came from this is that you can see her little (BIG) lymph node in her neck!

We hung around the house the rest of the day. After nap, CK was definitely more drained than earlier. Still not terrible, but you could tell she had faded some. She ate some fried rice for dinner and headed to bed that evening. But not before I snapped a picture of her neck. So so sad!

This morning she woke up happy but definitely feeling worse than yesterday. Today she looked and acted like a kid with mono. Fever got up to 100.5- so not terrible at all! But her throat was more swollen, and her tonsils were more swollen. She hardly ate anything all day because it hurt too much to swallow. Even drinking was too painful. So there was minimal input and no output.

By this afternoon her tonsils were touching in the back, she had white spots all over them, and she was wheezing while she napped (excuse the graphic pictures). I called the doc and sent him all the pics/video of her. He called in a steroid to help reduce the tonsils!

The rest of the day sort of dragged on. Up and down and all around. Once I'd get her to eat something, she'd get a little spurt of energy and play with her babies, but then she'd crash again and lay on the ground or the couch. Oh, except the steroids. They made her CRAZY. But then she passed out quickly after! Sigh...

Laying near me while I bathed the other kids. 

Finally convinced her a hot bath would help her neck feel better!

Soooo... here we are. Day 2 (of the diagnosis). I'll keep you posted, but send lots of prayers our way for a quick recovery and that her siblings stay healthy, too!

Wanted to include this picture from when we went down the street to pick up Jay from a friend's house. 
She looks so WEIRD to me here- her whole face/neck is swollen! It looks like she has food in her cheeks! 


The Joiners said...

Poor baby (and mama)! Hope she is on the mend quickly!

the blogivers said...

I just had no idea a kid so young could get mono! Not cool. Praying she recovers quickly and doesn't share the love with anyone!!

Brittany said...

Seriously so crazy! Poor baby!! It hurts just to look at the picture of her little neck. :( I hope she feels better very soon!

Kate said...

Oh my gosh. Poor CK. hope no one else gets it!