Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Ballerina

I definitely never blogged about Charley Kate's first ballet experience!

We found the most adorable class for toddler/preschool girls at the really wonderful dance academy near us. It was all girls her age/ability and all from our close neighborhoods. This was really her first "solo" activity and her time to shine.

She loved it!

The beginning of the semester she was totally fired up and loved going every single week. The excitement kind of tapered off in the middle of it and we'd fight each week to get her dressed and there. Once she was in class, she had a BLAST- but for a while the fight was almost not worth it (it's a good thing I'm stubborn!). But then again towards the end once her little friendships were formed, she just loved it so much.

And then there was the "recital." It was just a little recital- during their regular class time in their regular dance room. This was brilliant on their part- 2 and 3 year old girls get nervous in most situations- thank goodness we did this where they were most comfortable!

And this girl, my little Treasure, was born to perform. It was the most fun I have seen her have... probably ever. She laughed and danced and screamed and squealed and smiled throughout the entire performance. She loved having her Daddy and Gebby (Grandeb) and her big brother there to watch (little sis was home with a babysitter- thank goodness- she would have been a bear to try to contain!).

We had so much fun watching that precious girl perform! And it took a lot out of her... She was wiped out after!


the blogivers said...

Can't wait until Avery is old enough for all this cuteness!!

ChelseaSalomone said...

Hands down the most darling costumes I have seen and the most age appropriate sounding "recital" by a mile. Absolutely darling!

Brittany said...

SO SO SO cute!!!