Sunday, May 17, 2015

She's Off!

Y'all.... I wrote this mid-April... almost SIX WEEKS AGO. I'm both irritated at myself for not finishing it and posting it and both amazed that Molly has been walking for over a month!

Molly is walking. Did you hear (read) that?! Molly is walking!

I've been slightly denying this for a while now. She took a step here and there a few months ago. Last month she was taking 2 and maybe 3 steps. And a few weeks ago she was taking about 6. Now she can walk around our downstairs. She can walk from her Bible classroom to the lobby of the nursery to the hallway at church. SHE IS LEGIT walking!

She's my earliest walker and it's just crazy to me to watch this little nugget toddle all over!

I LOVE this little series! So typical... Walking everywhere and taking her bow off... Always pulling the bow off!

Love you, little Molly walker!


Jenni said...

Go Molly!! Abby was my earliest walker, too! They gotta keep up with their big sibs!!

Brittany said...

Such a big girl!! Love her little hat and diaper cover! So cute!

kinsey said...

So cute! My big kids both walked at 10 months...#3 was my latest ;)

The Torno's said...

Cute!!! Good luck! :)