Thursday, April 9, 2015

Their Own People

The other night, we were sitting in our back yard as a family. It was a pleasant night and just the kind where things just go right. You know what I'm talking about? Everyone is happy and things are just right.

I was snapping pictures of the kids doing various things and it hit me- each kid was doing what makes them happiest.

Jay was swimming (naked, but whatever). I have never seen Jay so confident as when he swims. Everything just clicks and it works for him. And it works well. He is so, so natural in the water.

And Charley Kate was doing gymnastics. She loves doing gymnastics and she is really really good at it. Her body just knows how to do it- and she is fearless enough that she tries new things all the time. She is a natural gymnast.

And then there was Molly. She was eating. And she is so good at eating and loves it so much!

JK about Molly- but I cannot wait to see what she's into. I can't wait to see what comes naturally for her.

And watching our kids that night- all doing things that they love, that they are good at, and that they enjoy- my heart was so happy. It was a no-frills night. Just a regular ol' weeknight. But it's times like these I like to remember. Just an ordinary life, watching my babies do what makes them happy.

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The Joiners said...

I was thinking the same thing the other night when Clara was coloring and Colby was watching a(nother) dump truck video :) Fun to see our kids interests develop!

Also, Molly, I admire and can relate to your eating skills!!