Monday, April 20, 2015

Just Stuff

There is just nothing really of huge importance going on right now around here. Just the same ol' day to day things.

I'm just watching a little Teen Mom right now (seriously, I LOVE this show. It's the original 4 girls and I just love watching them). I have never been so thankful for my life than when I watch shows like this. I mean, wow. These girls were just babies who had babies and are now trying to figure out life. Eesh.

And to move on from the heavy stuff, I thought I'd post a few pictures from recently.

The kids have been doing a LOT of swimming. The water is FREEZING. But Jay is in the pool every single day if not twice a day. CK goes in to about her tummy and is done. And Molly and me just stick our feet in the pool! Eventually it will get warm enough!

There has also been a lot of this collapsing into naps lately. CK goes hard. And crashes harder. 

And this has begun. Hurricane Molly doesn't sound quite right, so maybe we will should think of something else?

Oh, so here's a little story for you. I went into Anthropologie the other day. I had a gift card and was planning on looking for a few things for our upcoming trip (have I talked about that?!). Anyway, the sales lady was older and SO sweet. And I had like 12 things to try on. I had no intention of buying all of those things, but I also had nothing specific in mind, so I wanted to try on a bunch of different things. Well, anyway, the sales lady probably thought I was going to be spending a lot of money. She was so kind and attentive and just kept bringing me stuff. Then came the time to leave and check out. I looked through my bag and couldn't find my gift card, so then I felt really bad- I didn't want to buy the things unless I had that card (since that was the whole reason I came in anyway). I was in a total moral dilemma- I very seriously contemplated buying a bunch of things and then coming back and returning them. WHO DOES THAT?! Me, I guess. But luckily, she got hung up on another customer and I just beelined outta there. Whoops. I really will go back and get what I want, but I felt bad for her.

I can't get enough of this baby. I just love her so very very much!

Look at this child... 

And then look at her older brother.
Sigh... we just make 'em this way!

They RARELY bathe together anymore- like never. So I had to document the occasion. 
And they wanted a funny face picture. Oy. 

Loading the car and this child is doing gymnastics. 
She's ALWAYS doing gymnastics. 

Waiting in line to pick up brother (the reason she is in the front seat). 
Always doing gymnastics. 

They loved this!

So we are just continuing to truck along- busy with gymnastics, ballet, baseball, gymboree, and lots and lots of play dates. I love the end of the school year- so busy and so exciting! And the knowledge that summer is just right around the corner is so so exciting to me!!! I can't wait to have more time and freedom with all my babies!

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Casey Charles said...

Nakey gymnastics! The cutest CK!