Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's Almost Here!

Holy Smokes!

Molly's first birthday is just a month away! How in the world is that possible?!

This past month has brought...

-Molly would probably prefer to nap once a day- most days I try to squeeze two just because CK still naps and it's SO much easier on me if we can do one nap time instead of two back to back. She is so laid back that she just goes with the flow on most things anyway!
-Goes to sleep around 8:30 and wakes around 7:30 (not continuous sleep of course!)
-She has two bottom teeth but one is getting close to breaking through on the top which means its buddy isn't far behind!
-No more breastfeeding. She's been my fastest to wean and I'm not sure how I feel about it. So I won't really talk about it just yet... ha!
-On that note, she is taking a bottle about 4 times a day. She JUST dropped her early morning (5 am-ish) bottle which has been awesome!
-Likes to drink pretty much everything and really likes cold whole milk! My only child to like milk!! Prefers HOT bottles, though!
-Is a fantastic crawler, but can walk across the room (wobbly, but does it!) She started taking a step here and there almost two months ago, but is now "walking" quite a bit. My earliest walker!
-She gets rocked to sleep at night, but is starting to want to be put down to fall asleep- either rolling around in her bed or a big bed
-She is starting to talk a lot- copies a lot of words we say, but her common repertoire includes da-da (favorite word!), ma-ma, Tex, ba-ba (bottle), wa-wa (water), nigh-nigh (night night), bye bye, ah-ah (uh oh), hiiiii, two (I count one and she answers TAH!), daydee (baby), makes the elephant sound and the lion roar, blows on her food, says NAH (no) when she means it! She also signs well and uses them often!
-Loves to dance! Anytime music plays she will dance and loves to carry around my phone with music and dance
-Loves the Little People app on my phone and looking through pictures. She can swipe so well!
-LOOOVES books
-Likes putting lids on things, loves playing with her toys, loves babies...
-Loves to climb up the stairs
-Has a seriously awesome sense of humor. One of the things I have noticed from early on is her great laugh and how she finds a lot of things funny. She also loves to joke and tease in her own little way and I think it's SO SO awesome!
-A freaking great eater! She eats anything and everything! Seriously- I love this!
-Definitely loves her pacifiers- and is just starting to like more than one at a time. Just like her brother!
-LOOOOVES her blankie! It's an instant calming tool. 
-Can roll her tongue like a taco on command! Cutest! 
-Is pretty good about sitting and playing with toys. When she plays with the Little People she just talks and talks and talks (in her own language of course!)
-1,000,000% adores her big brother and sister. And they are so very good to her. She is the best about going to a lot of people. She just "people hops" when we are in a big group- she reaches out and goes from one person to another to another. It's hilarious and she loves the attention. 

I know I'm forgetting a lot, but that's what happens when your brain is fried from three littles! Ha. 

I don't know why I'm struggling so much with Molly turning one. Maybe because she is my baby, but more likely because I realize just how fast time goes with these little ones. Next year Jay will be in school five days a week and I am so not ready to let him go. I think that's showing me how quickly they grow up- and I want them little and in my safe nest forever! 

Molly, you are truly one of a kind. You have the sweetest, most fun-loving personality. Your family has truly enjoyed every single moment of you. We love you!