Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Good for the Soul

This past weekend was one of those times that was so, so good for the soul.

I was a Chi Omega at Texas A&M. I have about 1,000,000 good things to say about it. Going to into college I knew very little about sororities. I had the whole "why would you pay for your friends" thought about them (probably thanks to some high school friends). My aunt was in a sorority when she was in college, and my second oldest sister was in one (but they were colonizing to become a national sorority so she never had to rush or go through that side of it). Most of my high school friends were going through at their respective schools, but very few of them were going to Texas A&M. I went ahead and decided to go through rush, knowing that if I hated it I could always drop out. I had no clue what was about to happen.

I LOVED rush and all of the people that I had met. I was so torn each day on what sororities to keep and whose feelings I would hurt. But come Bid Day, I knew with 100% certainty I had made the right decision to choose Chi Omega- even though I knew NO ONE else in it!

Fast forward a few months when we were in the full swing of pledgehood- I knew I was getting to know some of my very best friends. But I had no idea how much of an impact these girls and this sorority would have on me.

Almost 15 years later, those girls are still some of my very best friends.

So last year when we got an email about our sorority's 40th anniversary reunion weekend, I knew I was in! The emails between our girlfriends started flying and arrangements were being made.

This past weekend we met up in College Station and it was like we had never left. We all took our mom/wife/career hats off and put on our BFF/college/sorority girl hats. There were a few girls I only email with a few times a year- and this weekend it felt just like we talked every single day. I just love those kind of friendships!

We had a selfie stick for this one!!

The weekend was a blast and of course went by too quickly! But it was SO SO good for my soul. I came back feeling recharged and positive and so happy (even though I got less sleep there then I would have at home). You just need those weekends every now and then!

Owl Trot!

Century Tree on campus!

Wings N More! 

At the reunion dinner! 

Pearls for Melissa! 

With one of our pledge trainers!

Typical shenanigans

Feet were hurting by the end of the night... Just like old times. 
Only now it grosses me out. 

Lucky to take a picture with the Chi Omega national president...
Who also happens to be Erin's Aunt Shelly! 

I am so thankful to Anthony for "allowing" me to go (of course he would- but he never fussed about it and never complained). I'm grateful he can take care of our kids so well. I'm also thankful to Anthony's parents for coming in town to help and to spend time with our kids while I was gone! I missed my babies like crazy, but I can honestly say that this weekend recharged me so much and truly made me a better mom for them!

And as I was about to leave Friday, I remembered that this was going to be my first full night of sleep without waking to/listening for a baby in TEN AND A HALF MONTHS!!! That's a LOOOONG time without one full night of sleep! I blame this one...  :)

Can't wait until next time....


the blogivers said...

Such a fun group of gals! Glad y'all had a great weekend getaway together :)

The Joiners said...

Glad y'all had a fun time! And it's surprising for me to hear that you weren't gung-ho about sororities from the beginning, because you fit in so naturally and were so involved- I just assumed you had been born and raised a Chi O ;)

Brittany said...

So fun!!! Y'all are such a great group!