Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter 2015

I totally tried to think of a catchy title- but I'm way too tired. So you get the lame post title. 

This year was such a fun Easter! The big kids are at a great age for understanding holidays and their joy just can't be matched. Plus, there was SO much going on this weekend, that we didn't stop- and that always makes it fun, too!

The week started off with a visit from Auntie Michelle and Clay from Dallas (and eventually Uncle Scott). In case you have never read this, everyone loves Auntie Michelle (especially ol' Charley Kate) and we always love having her around! 

Wednesday was school Easter parties (and I got roped into heading CK's up and further roped into making all sorts of cute Pinterest-y party things. They turned out great but "ain't nobody got time for dat!")

Jay and Charley Kate have such sweet teachers and classmates and it's always fun to be up there celebrating. Unless you have a (newly) strong-willed crawling baby whom you had to wake from her morning nap to make it to the party and then pooped in the middle of the party you are supposed to be in charge of. Then it's a little more difficult. But whatever. Real life, right?

We had a special event for Anthony Thursday night (another post coming soon!).

And then Friday was a lazy day- Anthony was exhausted from his event and all the hard work he put into it. I was exhausted because a little lady in the house has decided that it's fun to stay up for an hour in the middle of the night (for over a week!). So we just hung out and caught up on stuff and headed to my parents to play and relax. 

Friday night we met up with our good friends (that we hadn't seen in forever!) at a hole in the wall Cajun/Crawfish place. Super fun, but the sandbox had all the kids a mess! We headed to their house and bathed the kids and dyed some eggs and hung out. Such fun!

Saturday morning we took a family trip to the zoo! We never tire of the zoo and it didn't disappoint this time either. They even had face painting and my kids will do pretty much anything for face painting! :)

Saturday night we grilled out at my parents' house and had an impromptu egg hunt/confetti egg fight! It was super fun! I must say, my kids are blessed with some great cousins!

Sunday morning the kids woke up SO early (grrr). So we did Easter baskets before church and took some pictures. Thankful we did it that way because it rained after church. Our Easter bunny had already set the eggs out during church so we just hunted in the rain- and the kids had a blast! Poor Molly missed out- she passed out on the way home from church (speaking church did I mention I taught both Kid's Church and Molly's Bible class?! So tired!) and missed the whole hunt. Meh- there's always next year! 

When my sister's kids were little (and we had none of our own), it was always so fun to head to their house for holidays and watch their kids enjoy it. Now that her kids are older (13, 11, 6!), they came to enjoy our little ones. Full circle I tell ya.. And so sweet! 

Easter weekend was a blast- but a whirlwind! I was SO exhausted that I took an hour nap on Sunday- best feeling ever!! 

Oh... Then we decided to do one last crazy Easter weekend fun thing- my mom and I took the kids to Galveston today! We left around 945, got there, ate lunch on the beach, played in the water and sand, and then rinsed off and headed home! So fun! 

Jay is a fish. He couldn't get enough of the waves pounding into him- then he'd run up on the beach and roll in the sand. Repeat! 

Charley Kate loved digging and building. She likes the water like I do- a little for cooling off but we much prefer to hang out on dry land and just look at the water! 

And ol' Molly! She LOVED everything! Loved playing in the sand! Loved crawling toward the water and splashing around! One the waves would come up to her, she'd stop and smile and collect herself and crawl forward! Hilarious! 

Needless to say, I'm pooped :)

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Brittany said...

I love that you took a spontaneous trip to the beach! You're such a fun mom!! Also, GK has the same suit as Molly. I'm so excited for her to wear it this summer!! :)