Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Trail Riders 2015

I write every year about my love for Go Texan Day in Houston.

It's one of my very favorite days to be a Houstonian! We all dress up in our boots and watch the Trail Riders come in from all over the state for the rodeo! It's a fun, fun time in town!

I was so worried this year that we would miss out on everything because of Stomach Bug 2015. But since every was feeling a tiny bit better Friday morning (and by that I mean not puking or pooping every hour), I decided to brave the freezing cold and take the kids to watch the horses. They were already missing all of the wonderful festivities at their school, and it broke my heart to have them miss out on such a fun day (not that they would have known anyway!).

I texted my sisters last minute and my oldest sister and her daughter (also sick from my kids and their issues) met us at our spot! We had an OK freaking awesome time and quickly headed back home for rest and recuperation!

My handsome, camo cowboy finally feeling better!
Why does he look 18 here?!?!

Molly's first trail ride experience! 
She has a really cute smocked horse bubble on under all that nonsense!

My sickie actually looked precious- new pink boots, a pink dress, and hair in pigtail-braids. 
So sad she felt so awful. 

Our pathetic group!

In case you want more explanation or to see pictures of years past, click here. To die for!

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