Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Good

Despite February being a pretty awful month, there were some super duper fun times!

CK celebrating her birthday at school with her wonderful teachers!

These two love snuggling each other!

A little boy who loves A&M and picked his sweatshirt yet loves the Longhorns because of his auntie!

A picture perfect day for the zoo- and a carousel ride for the bigs!

Hello my cutie!!

Meeting our buddies for lunch and playing iPad together. 

Auntie Michelle comes for a visit and Tex can't get any closer! 

CK loving on baby Clay! 

These cousins (a month apart!) love playing together! 

Sister time in MeeMaw's nightgowns
(in my front yard- you can imagine the looks we got!!)

Playing at home!
That's CK in the cabinet!!!

Face-painting at 7:30 am! 
(Don't judge my terrible clown face- she doesn't know any better!)

He's supposed to be a bear but his ears and whiskers got messed up. 
Again, don't judge. 

All three of my crazies playing in the mud puddle at my parents' house.. 
Maybe this is how they got sick?!!? JK!

Bathing with Cali after the mud at my parents' house! 

Charley Kate LOVES to play teacher. She gets snacks and drinks and napkins for each "kid" in her class and writes their names on everything and serves them. 
She set the cups out and then said, "Wook Mom! I made a C!"
She has her Sharpie in hand to write the names on the snacks! 

Here is the after-snack clean up. Oy. 

Her  naps... Babies and wet wipes oh my!

Look who's finally getting some hair! And it's cray cray!

Sweet Jay. Can you tell what phase we are in now?!
PS- Elphie is STILL around!!!!!!

My precious queso baby! Girl LOVES this stuff!
Phew- we know she belongs to us! 

Finally feeling better Jaybird and his buddy! Love these two! 

Can't even handle this cuteness. At all. 

She was SOOOO happy to get her brother's hand-me-down camo PJs! 
It's the little things! 

Tex has become the NAUGHTIEST dog ever this year!
He sneaks into our snack cabinet and digs through food to find all the granola bars and eat them (SERIOUSLY!)
He has started getting food off the counter
And I came home from running errands to find him like THIS- he is NOT allowed on the couch ever! 
What is happening to him?!?!

Movie time with PawPaw!

So February wasn't ALL bad...  :)


Jenni said...

There are often times I read your blog and just nod, thinking "yep, yep, yep" We have many parallels, most lately both having a rough start to the year, stomach bug, etc. Anyway, reading tonight…our dog is the SAME way!!! She has gotten so rotten lately! The other thing she has started is wandering off. We have a big yard and no fence…Clay found her like a mile away recently!! Anyway, I hope March is starting off a good month for you! (c:

The Torno's said...

Tex must be jealous and wants to be the 4th baby :)