Sunday, March 22, 2015

Molly at 10 Months

Is Molly seriously TEN MONTHS old?! I am having a slight anxiety attack thinking about the fact that it's almost time to start planning her first birthday party!

It feels like this girl has been in our lives forever. She has fit in so perfectly and adds just the right amount of everything to our little family. We just absolutely adore her.

Some notes from the past month...
-Officially sporting her first black eye. Truth be told, I'm  not exactly sure how she did it. We were all outside playing. She was standing holding onto a toy, I went to help CK draw chalk, and the next thing I know, she is laying on the concrete crying. Not sure if she hit her face on the toy or ground, but the bruise popped up immediately. Whoops. 
-Wearing size 3 diapers and pretty much all 12 month clothes
-She takes two solid naps a day, and I'm pretty sure she's working on moving down to one nap a day. Eek. Her morning nap keeps getting pushed later and later and is lasting longer and longer. Then she usually has a shorter afternoon one- and on lots of occasions she has only taken one!
-She goes to bed anywhere from 7:30-8:30 and wakes up anywhere from 6:30-7:30.
-Is really only breastfeeding once a day and getting bottles of formula (with a mixed breastmilk/formula bottle at night) throughout the day. She is just too busy to sit and eat with me and my milk letdown is just too long. She has NO patience for it!
-She loves pretty much anything to drink. Juice, milk (chocolate and plain), water, gatorade, lemonade... even Dr Pepper and Sprite and Spark... sigh... third kid problems right there
-She eats so so well. She loves to feed herself, and would much prefer to just eat solids all day long than nurse/have a bottle. She is pretty much not picky at all (yet) and will eat everything put in front of her. She even tried to shrimp last night (yuck!) and loved it!
-Crawls really well. Stands super well. She will just stand forever and ever and ever. And she can get up to standing from being on the ground.
-She took two sets of three (balanced!) steps the other day!!!
-Loves the water- splashing in the bath and pool and puddles and the sink- anywhere!
-Climbs on anything she can get on!
-Takes a bottle to go to sleep while we rock her or lay down next to her (in our bed/hotel bed/guest bed). She LOVES to snuggle into her blanket with her pacifier- works every time!
-Loves to clap and play pat a cake and peekaboo. She loves to get people's attention and then make them clap for her!
-Waves hi and bye bye
-Her words are definitely coming along... She says ma-ma, da-da, Tessey (Tex-ey), bye bye, dadey (baby), dow (down for the "horsey comes down!" game), nah-nah-nah (no no no), ah ah (uh oh)
-She loves other kids- she especially gets happy/entertained with big kids (like her brother and sister) but also loves babies- though we've found she's a little "aggressive" with them- just likes to pat them or crawl on them or touch their facial features!
-Loves our animals- loves to crawl all over Tex, poke his teeth, grab his ears- he's such a good sport. She loves to chase Ella and loves my parents' and sister's dogs.
-Loves her cousins and her family so much. Just loves to be passed around to each person over and over
-Loves the nursery at church (freedom to play) and gym. Working on the Sunday school class (she's confined in a seat!)
-She is very kissy and loves to show her affection that way!
-Definitely an observer- watches and takes it all in
-Loves books- she just "reads" them over and over and over
-Two teeth- both bottom ones!
-Just starting to become assertive with her independence. Does NOT like to be held back or told no and it seems she's got a bit of a temper! If I take something away from her she will look at me and "hit" my hand or swipe at my face out of anger. It's so funny, but I get that it's a bad thing! Ha!

This girl is seriously so much fun. Her little personality is so sweet and laid back and genuinely happy. I have so many people comment on her happy demeanor and open mouth smile- and it's true! She's starting to lean out and the beginnings of her looking like a toddler are definitely among us. Oh, how I love this baby stage- I'm going to be so sad when it's gone!

This is how our picture taking goes these days... 

We love you, Molly girl!

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Brittany said...

She's too cute!! I love how busy she is in the series of pictures!