Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lil' Slugger!

If you follow me on any sort of social media you saw that it was a big weekend for ol' Jaybird- his first ever teeball game! 

I won't lie- ever since I found out I was having a boy, I have been picturing this day. There is something about a little boy in baseball gear that makes my heart flutter! 

And this little boy certainly didn't disappoint! 

He chose number 99 because "it's the highest number you an have in sports- and no one is gonna beat you" and because "it's JJ Watt's number!" :)

The game went about as you'd expect from 4-5 year olds... Everyone got to bat every inning and you didn't keep track of outs. Basically it was like a big practice just against another team. It's a great concept for a starter team/league, but I'm anxious to see how long it lasts with this competitive little boy! 

He really had a blast and we are so lucky that some of his very very best buds are on his team! And even luckier that Daddy is one of his coaches! 

This is going to be such a fun season! Plus, I can't wait to play these pictures at their senior slideshow one day!!! 


The Joiners said...

Too cute! And I was totally #99 in soccer for a season or two when I was little for the reason :)

Brittany said...

Ahhhh! SO CUTE!!! I am so excited for Reid to do T-Ball next Spring!