Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Animals and Green

We spent our second official day of Spring Break at Bayou Wildlife Park just south of town.

We went for the first time two years ago when Jay was in his "animal obsession" period (tear that that's gone) and had so much fun. I remember thinking then how happy I was to have Anthony with me because the thought of doing it alone with two kids (CK had just turned one) was so exhausting.

Fast forward two years and I took all three- plus one! Ha! Oh ye of little faith...

But I wasn't exactly by myself- it was me with my three kids, plus my niece Jill (her fam was fishing for the day so we got her!), plus my sister Kiki and her three, plus Grandeb. So, three adults and seven children- ranging from 9 months to 9 years old.

The kids had a BLAST (and so did we!)!! The animals just come right up to you and you feed them! You definitely get up close and personal!

My kids are already begging to go back! Fun spring break memory!

Coming into the park (Kiki took this of our car!)
That llama wanted in with me! I was terrified! Ha! 

The girls minus Hunter (can you see who forgot it was St Patty's Day!? Ha!)

The boys

This cracks me up because Molly was desperately trying to eat all of the animal food.
So we gave her her own bucket :)

This girl was FEARLESS. She just owned all the animals.
When she was done feeding them she just took the bucket away and told them that was it. 
Love it!

Proof that I was actually there! My one pic of the day! Ha!

As you can see, the boys were a little more scared :)

This guy was huge!

Only Grandeb would pet and make friends with him!
Molly is skeptical!

Jill was also totally fearless! 
Austen, on the other hand, terrified! haha

Just AWFUL! I hate big birds that can peck at you with their beady eyes!
And look at the buffalo behind my mom!!!!!!

These three had so much fun together! 

Charley Kate totally owned the goats, too! She LOOOOOOOVED this!

This was definitely Jay's thing. 
He was all over this. So calm, so kind, fed everyone- had it in control! 

He actually said these words... "Mom! Can we PLEASE take him home as a pet?!"
He loved this particular one (who was a little aggressive and head butted him!)

Loving it!

Who volunteered to go first on the horse!? 
Of course she did! 

Jay really loved it and asked why it didn't get to run around on its own!

Such a fun day. I love seeing my kids so fearless and happy. They did a fantastic job! Can't wait to do it again (hopefully before another two years!)!


Brittany said...

This looks so fun!! We need to check it out! Georgia Kate would totally be eating the animal food like Molly - haha!

GranDeb said...

What a fun day! I love my grandlittles and I love animals!! Perfect!!

GranDeb said...

What a fun day! I love my grandlittles and I love animals!! Perfect!!