Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Molly is 9 Months!

I have a love/hate relationship with the 9 month mark. 

I love it because their cutie little personalities really start to show. I hate it because I feel like I should have lost the baby weight by now and look really phenomenal in a bikini- and I'm not even close to either! 

In all seriousness, 9 months is a fun little age. I love learning about Molly's little personality. I love figuring out who she is becoming. 

-Molly is still nursing about 3 times a day. Morning, sometime during the day, and in the evening. She is really doing well transitioning to a bottle/formula. She likes her bottles HOT though- not cold, not warm, but really HOT. Future coffee drinker? She is drinking a bottle another 1-2 times a day, so getting milk around 5ish times each day. 
-She still eats like a champ. Seriously, her eating is better than both of her older siblings- in type AND amount of food. Homegirl can eat. And I love it!
-Her sleeping is marginal. She is like her big sister and much prefers to feel a warm body by her. We put her in her crib, she lasts a few hours and wakes up, and then we (meaning I- this sleep deprived mother) put her in our bed. She generally sleeps really really well once she's in bed. She doesn't nurse throughout the night (anymore!), or wake up really, she just likes to feel a presence. Don't we all?!
-Her napping is great. She is continuing twice a day naps. Her first one is getting longer (around an hour, sometimes longer if we are at home) and her second one is around 1.5-2 hours depending on her morning one. 
-Molly laughs A LOT. She is probably one of the happiest babies ever. Seriously. Everyone who sees her comments on how she is always smiling (as long as momma's got her!)!
-Wearing mostly 12 month clothes, some 9 month still and size 3 diapers. 
-Loves to chat. She jabbers all day and makes almost every consonant sound. She definitely knows ma-ma, da-da, pat-pat (pa-pa), and I swear she tries to say "Gubby" (duh-dee) which is my mom's name. She signs more and all finished!
-Molly can crawl super fast and far and stands pretty well on her own. She took one step a few weeks back but that's it. She loves to cruise on things and can get around!
-She loves an audience and will perform as long as she is the center of attention. 
-Doesn't love when I am holding someone else or when someone else is on my lap. She will intentionally crawl to me and get between us!
-She gives the best kisses! Is always up for kissing anyone and everyone and does these big ol' open mouth kisses! LOVE! 
-She loves taking baths! As soon as she sees a bathtub (anywhere!) she screams and tries desperately to get over there fast. I can't wait to see how she likes the pool this summer!
-Molly has just started the "tantrum" stage. It's usually only for diaper changes or putting her in her carseat- she'll arch her back and squeal/scream. We are just starting to see it when we redirect her from her siblings' toys, too! Let the fun begin!
-Still has no teeth! I swear, if these things ever pop through it will be a miracle! 
-Loves drinking out of a straw- she's really good at it and this makes everything so much easier!

I'm sure there is so much I'm forgetting. One of the best things about Molly is her go-with-the-flow demeanor. I guess you don't have much choice when you are a third child, but she is so used to just waking up and being thrown in her carseat or a stroller or whatever. She loves to be on the go and is great at people watching or just playing wherever or with whatever she can. A plastic cup top? Perfect! A straw? Even better! 

Molly girl, you are just a doll! We all love you so much and love watching you become your own person. We can't wait to see the dynamic you add to our family further develop. Love you, cutie girl!!

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