Sunday, February 15, 2015

Charley's Big Day!

I have to document the celebratory days of Miss Charley Kate's third birthday! It was a FUN FUN FUN few days celebrating our big girl!

It started Saturday morning- mommy and CK had a date at the nail salon!!!! I'd be lying if I said I hadn't dreamed of this day since I found out I was having a girl! A couple months ago, I knew she was "ready"- capable of sitting still long enough and capable of letting everything dry. Plus, as much as she LOVES getting her hair done (mainly the washing and drying part!), I figured she'd love this.

Annnnnd I was right! We walked in and she squealed! She about blew a gasket when she saw the wall of nail polish colors- seriously- Mind. Blown.

The kids' chairs were on the opposite wall from mine. They started mine first and I was shocked that she just sat in her little chair and waited! Once they started on hers, her excitement was CRAZY! She just giggled and smiled and watched every single thing they did. It was just so sweet!

I super super hate this picture of me, but I love love love it even more of CK! 

Once we finished at the nail place, we headed home and got busy making her cupcakes! I knew we were expecting 35ish kids, plus grown-ups. Why in the WORLD I decided to make her cupcakes is beyond me!!! But they were DELICIOUS and nothing beats hanging with my CK. Love that girl!

Sunday was party day! Luckily I was pretty prepared throughout the week, so there wasn't much to do that day! Phew!

CK insisted on a Peppa Pig birthday party (we love that show- just precious!).

We got to the gymnastics place and set up- the people there were awesome helping us out! Then the kids started arriving and it was party time! It was a great party- just what my little gymnastics-fanatic wanted! Lots of running, jumping, tumbling, and obstacle courses. Her brother may or may not have loved it, too!

Cupcake time followed! All of our hardwork was put to the test- and I think it was a success!  :)

And she ended by putting her handprint on the wall- in purple paint of course!

Directly from there we headed to my parents' house to have a joint family party for my nephew Josh and CK. They are three days apart! And they have ALWAYS had a special relationship. These two middle children just "get" each other. He is so good to her and she just can never get enough of him. They are always snuggled up.

Monday morning was her actual birthday. I heard her coming down the stairs and intercepted her- and shouted and sang Happy Birthday to her! She was SOOO genuinely happy- it was just the sweetest!!!

We got a birthday breakfast donut (pink with sprinkles of course!)

Yes, she slept in her Peppa Pig dress. 

We got all ready for school and I dropped them off. I ran a few quick errands, then Molly and I headed up to do CK's birthday with her class. More cupcakes and singing!

She finished up the last hour of school, and I picked the kids up. I let her choose ANYwhere she wanted to have lunch on her birthday- and she chose Grandeb's house (of course!)! So we grabbed some of her favorite things and had a picnic over there with some of the cousins!

After naps (much to the birthday girl's dismay!), we played with all of her new toys! She rode that new bike up and down the street 50,000 times! And, I know we are all surprised, she changed back into her Peppa Pig dress! Ha!

Snack time out front! Yogurt explosion!

To cap off the evening, my dad and grandmother (Grammy, from Wisconsin!!) came over for dinner. I made CK's very favorite thing in the world- tacos! And some ice cream for dessert!

I can say with certainty, we celebrated to the max! This girl KNEW it was her birthday- and that makes me feel like I did my job!

Charley Kate, we LOOOOVE you so very much! I'm so glad you felt special on your big day!

All birthday'd out the next day!


the blogivers said...

Sounds like a pretty perfect 3rd birthday week to me! I'm taking notes for my own birthday this year ;)

Brittany Sciba said...

What a special week for your special girl!

The Torno's said...

Happy Birthday CK!