Thursday, January 22, 2015

Two Thirds There!

I can't believe my baby girl is 2/3 of the way to being ONE! Yikes!! This last month brought lots of fun- and lots of movement! Nothing is safe anymore!

At 8 months, Molly is...

-Crawling all over the place. It just clicked one day and she was crawling throughout the house
-Pulling up on everything. Just like crawling- it wasn't really a gradual thing, it just happened all of a sudden!
-Says Ma-Ma, Da-Da, and is beginning to say uh-oh (she says uh every time something drops!) and signs "more." And I swear she says "Hiiiiii!" in this syrupy sweet southern drawl whenever she sees people. I'm obsessed!
-Waving hi and occasionally bye. All. Day. Long.
-Does this "talking" thing where she just gurgles 1,000 sounds at once- CK did this, too and it's hysterical! 
-Nursing 4-5 times a day (including middle of the night). 
-Eating everything in sight! There is very little she won't take down. And she can CRUSH some food- as long as it's table food. No baby food AT ALL.
-Napping like a champ- 30 min-1 hr in the morning (almost always in the car or stroller) and anywhere from 1.5 hrs-3 hrs in the afternoon (in our bed). 
-Sleeping terribly- but right on par with her older siblings! And it's my fault! I haven't "worked" with her at all. Just. Too. Tired. 
-Horrible at diaper change time- immediately flips over and fusses!
-A total Momma's Girl!! Seriously, this girl is connected to me all the time. She won't be passed around and generally only stays in the nursery at the gym or church for 20 minutes before they have to come get me. 
-Happy happy happy. As long as she's with me she is pretty much the happiest, smiliest baby ever! 
-Wearing 9 or 12 month clothes mostly and size 3 diapers. 
-A talker. She babbles all day long! And she talks in her sleep! Sometimes I will legitimately think she's awake and will check on her and she's just Chatty Cathy in her sleep! Just like Jay and just like me! 
-Obsessed with bath time! Hands down her very favorite activity!

Molly's sweet little personality is really developing and it's super fun to watch. She likes attention to be on her (yikes!) but really hams it up for people. She has a really really great sense of humor and laughs a lot at silly things. She seems to enjoy "playing jokes" already- I'll ask her to do everyday things (like give me a kiss) and while sometimes she does, other times she will purposely not do it and smirk and giggle about it. So interesting! She's loud and a little "aggressive" (and not in a bad way- just in a confident way) with other babies (she will just crawl right up to them and pat their face or grab their nose or kiss them). She is an observer and takes it ALL in. And we know she's got plenty of entertainment all day long! 

I just love this little girl so much and love watching her blossom! What a great little personality!

Confession- to come up with the title of the post I had to do some fourth grade math in reducing fractions just to make sure I was correct! Ha!

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The Torno's said...

She always looks so happy and adorable!