Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Year's Eve Recap

We had such a fun New Year's Eve this year!

It was cold and drizzly NONSTOP for three days, but we headed to some of our good friends' lake house with another two families and the kids had a blast. We all went a little stir crazy, but misery loves company, right?! Ha!

It really was a fun time and the kids had a blast playing together and all bunking up. Fireworks, fire and smores, and lots of eating! Perfection!

Bwahahaha- I sure hope this isn't foreshadowing! Yikes!

(I think the daddies had more fun than the boys!)

(This was actually at midnight- sweet Hollis didn't want to sleep!)

Also at midnight- the Boards don't last too late!


Sadly, there was a LOT of ipad playing going on!

Cheers to 2015! Ha!

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