Sunday, January 4, 2015

Let's Get Started

Man, anyone else just a teeny bit glad to be getting back into the swing of things and have some sort of routine again?? 

The past two weeks have been wonderful and fun and filled with memories, but I am excited to start our "life" again...  Just our simple, little life. 

Anthony has been home except a few days over the past few weeks, and the kids and I are going to miss him dearly. He's so helpful and the kids love having him around all day. 

Do yall do resolutions? Anthony makes a list of goals and focuses on them. I don't really do major resolutions because I feel like 1) they are sometimes short lived and 2) I should strive to do better all year long. But I do sort of adopt a Bible verse for the year to really focus on and pray about and work towards. Last year I worked really hard on a few specifically, and I'm disappointed that I didn't do better on them. Not thinking about them or memorizing them, but actually following through with them. In my defense it's one of my weakest areas, and I know I got a little better... But this year I am armed with a new verse to focus on and I'm excited about the prospect of growing even more! 

So in all our "downtime" (ha!!!!) over the past few weeks, Molly is officially a crawler. She would do 2-3 crawls here and there for almost a month, but right at 7.5 months she is getting everywhere. She is loving this new freedom, and luckily hasn't gotten into anything yet- but I know that's coming soon!! I'm also hoping she will start sleeping better at night from the hard work of crawling, but I'm pretty sure that's just wishful thinking!! 

Jay and Charley Kate are just as wonderful as ever. Jay is becoming so independent and seems so old to me now. Charley Kate is as funny as ever and takes her "mothering" role very seriously. We are planning her birthday party and she loves helping! 

Hopefully 2014 brought some good things to each of you, and I pray that 2015 has even more in store for all of us. 

Here's to "normalcy!"

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