Monday, January 26, 2015

Deodorizing, Fish, and Lizards

I'm not much for weekend recaps, but since it's been a while since I blogged, I figured I could just touch on life recently.

Let's start with The Great Smoke Out of 2015 (and I'm not talking about the illegal stuff!). After two (and a half!) weeks post chili-fire, two deep cleaning (steaming carpets, upholstery, wiping down every single wall, ceiling, and inside and outside of cabinets, etc) sessions, two heavy deodorizing fogging treatments, and countless hours of all doors and windows open, I'm happy to report that the stale cigarette smell is MOSTLY gone. You still get a sweet whiff of morning-after bar scene when you first walk in the back door, but I'd say we are about 90% there. Maybe one day....

Last Thursday we took advantage of the completely awful weather and headed to the aquarium with my sis and her two littles. The kids had never been, and since the museum (and petting the sharks) the week before was such a success, I figured they'd like it. Well luckily it was freaking freezing and rainy, which meant we had the ENTIRE place to ourselves! My kids were in heaven and loved every single thing they saw! We all pet the stingrays which was super cool and Jay was even brave enough to feed them (think putting a dead fish between his fingers, making his hand into a fist, and then shoving under the water until the sting ray put its entire mouth around his fist- gag me).

CK looks like she's in college here. Freak out moment. 

I love this. I love her little silhouette and I love the tiger staring at her ready to eat her up! 

Riding the train in the outside, pouring rain. You know, cause we're awesome like that. 

It never ceases to amaze me how sweet he is to his baby sisters. 

The next few days brought some seriously gorgeous weather (and my kind of Houston winter!) and we enjoyed being outside as much as possible! My kids' most favorite activity these days is lizard hunting- Jay is fearless and quick and love them and CK loves anything her big brother does! Molly just crawls around playing, so it's a win for everyone!

Mini cupcakes after school one day!

 The lizard is biting his hand and hanging from it! All boy!

Glimpses of my future... YIKES!

I'm so very sad this is blurry. These pants are just to die for- courtesy of my BFF! 

No words. 

What? You don't let your 8 month old eat chocolate sticks? (Third kid problems)

This doll is as big as she is (and incredibly creepy- don't even get me started about how nervous it made me when Anthony was out of town!!!)

Working on the car. Toolbox and all. 

And my last picture- because I just can't handle the cuteness... My favorite baby trend of late? Baby mocs. I. Am. Addicted. And this is my most favorite pair. Swoon.

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