Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The One About The Rock Up Her Nose

Apparently I have one of those kids according to our pediatrician. You know, the ones that stick things in the orifaces on their face. I didn't know she was one, but I guess now she is. 

I picked the big kids up from school on Monday. They stayed for extended day. Some of the 2's nap, but the older (and potty trained ones) don't. Apparently this day CK's favorite teacher was in the nap room and she requested to stay in there with her instead of the play room. As I pulled up to get the kids, I saw a crying Charley Kate and her teacher holding her. "I am so sorry, but she fell asleep right at 2:00 even though I tried to keep her awake. Then we had to wake her fifteen minutes later and she wasn't ready, so she's just a little grouchy. I'm so sorry it happened this way!"

Ahhhhh the dreaded short nap that ruins everything! 

We pull away from school and CK wails, "I AM NOT GWOUCHY!!!! I CWYING BECAUSE I HAVE A WOCK STUCK IN MY NOSE!!!!!"

Hit the brakes. Pull into next parking lot. Whip my head around, "I'm sorry. What?!?"


We continue our conversation (all while Molly is passed out and Jay is watching a DVD- bless them). 

Turns out, CK chose to lay in the nap room at school. While she was tossing and turning she apparently found a small rock on the carpet (likely from someone's sweaty shoe) and stuck it up her nose (?????). When she tried to get it out, she just shoved it up further. Instead of telling her teacher, she just waited until she got in the car. 

Surprisingly, I didn't go into panic mode. I was tense, heck yeah, but not panicked. She came to the front of the car (still in random parking lot, Molly still asleep, Jay still oblivious and watching tv). I looked up her nose, felt around it, but couldn't see or feel anything. I made her plug one nostril and blow. Nothing. I asked her a dozen times if it was still in there and she said yes, she could feel it. She kept pointing to her right nostril and her right sinus cavity. 

My mom was in her own doctor's appointment, so who did I call? The calmest, most logical person in these situations- my oldest sister. We decided I call pediatrician before just taking her into an urgent care. Unfortunately they couldn't get us in until closing time, and that was another 2.5 hours away. Called sis back and we debated urgent care vs ped and decided to wait it out at home (sometimes those urgent care places can take forever). 

We go into doc and I'm starting to get a little anxious that this "teeny rock" as she described it, was stuck in her sinus cavity and we were going to have to go see an ent at the very least to have it removed (too much time to think!). 

After what seemed like hours (it was less than ten minutes), the door is opened and in walks... A MED STUDENT! Come on!!!! I don't have the time for this. "Are you sure it's in there?" "Why do you think she did this?" "Any fever?" Bah!!! He was sweet and I am sure very good and learning a lot, but ain't nobody got time for that! 

He leaves (he can't see the rock- I'm now in major panic mode). Our pedi comes in and asks several times if I'm sure she's telling the truth, if I think it might have fallen out, etc. After looking in her right nostril he says, "I'm going to check her ears, too. These kinds of kids are notorious for sticking things in any hole on their face." 

Look, I LOVE him. Like, a whole lot. But I know my kid. I know she wouldn't be freaking out and lying about sticking a rock in her nose. And I know if she stuck something in her ear she'd tell me that too! 

After not finding anything, he looked up her left nostril. JACKPOT! (Ps- CK, remember the nostril you stuck it in!!!)

After discussion, we laid her on the table. med student held her head still. I held her body still. Lights out. A tiny stick with a tinier scoop on the end that lit up was stuck up her nose and started digging. She was totally crying/freaking out and it took a little while to dig out. But he got it out. And I asked to keep it. 

Hey, this ain't gonna be forgotten easily. I've got to remind her of this one day. Plus, this wasn't a "teeny" rock like she claimed. It was pretty big for her tiny nose. 

So that was our fun Monday afternoon! What kinds of cool things did yall do?!

I do feel pretty confident that she won't ever do this again. Totally traumatic (for both of us!)! 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Deodorizing, Fish, and Lizards

I'm not much for weekend recaps, but since it's been a while since I blogged, I figured I could just touch on life recently.

Let's start with The Great Smoke Out of 2015 (and I'm not talking about the illegal stuff!). After two (and a half!) weeks post chili-fire, two deep cleaning (steaming carpets, upholstery, wiping down every single wall, ceiling, and inside and outside of cabinets, etc) sessions, two heavy deodorizing fogging treatments, and countless hours of all doors and windows open, I'm happy to report that the stale cigarette smell is MOSTLY gone. You still get a sweet whiff of morning-after bar scene when you first walk in the back door, but I'd say we are about 90% there. Maybe one day....

Last Thursday we took advantage of the completely awful weather and headed to the aquarium with my sis and her two littles. The kids had never been, and since the museum (and petting the sharks) the week before was such a success, I figured they'd like it. Well luckily it was freaking freezing and rainy, which meant we had the ENTIRE place to ourselves! My kids were in heaven and loved every single thing they saw! We all pet the stingrays which was super cool and Jay was even brave enough to feed them (think putting a dead fish between his fingers, making his hand into a fist, and then shoving under the water until the sting ray put its entire mouth around his fist- gag me).

CK looks like she's in college here. Freak out moment. 

I love this. I love her little silhouette and I love the tiger staring at her ready to eat her up! 

Riding the train in the outside, pouring rain. You know, cause we're awesome like that. 

It never ceases to amaze me how sweet he is to his baby sisters. 

The next few days brought some seriously gorgeous weather (and my kind of Houston winter!) and we enjoyed being outside as much as possible! My kids' most favorite activity these days is lizard hunting- Jay is fearless and quick and love them and CK loves anything her big brother does! Molly just crawls around playing, so it's a win for everyone!

Mini cupcakes after school one day!

 The lizard is biting his hand and hanging from it! All boy!

Glimpses of my future... YIKES!

I'm so very sad this is blurry. These pants are just to die for- courtesy of my BFF! 

No words. 

What? You don't let your 8 month old eat chocolate sticks? (Third kid problems)

This doll is as big as she is (and incredibly creepy- don't even get me started about how nervous it made me when Anthony was out of town!!!)

Working on the car. Toolbox and all. 

And my last picture- because I just can't handle the cuteness... My favorite baby trend of late? Baby mocs. I. Am. Addicted. And this is my most favorite pair. Swoon.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Two Thirds There!

I can't believe my baby girl is 2/3 of the way to being ONE! Yikes!! This last month brought lots of fun- and lots of movement! Nothing is safe anymore!

At 8 months, Molly is...

-Crawling all over the place. It just clicked one day and she was crawling throughout the house
-Pulling up on everything. Just like crawling- it wasn't really a gradual thing, it just happened all of a sudden!
-Says Ma-Ma, Da-Da, and is beginning to say uh-oh (she says uh every time something drops!) and signs "more." And I swear she says "Hiiiiii!" in this syrupy sweet southern drawl whenever she sees people. I'm obsessed!
-Waving hi and occasionally bye. All. Day. Long.
-Does this "talking" thing where she just gurgles 1,000 sounds at once- CK did this, too and it's hysterical! 
-Nursing 4-5 times a day (including middle of the night). 
-Eating everything in sight! There is very little she won't take down. And she can CRUSH some food- as long as it's table food. No baby food AT ALL.
-Napping like a champ- 30 min-1 hr in the morning (almost always in the car or stroller) and anywhere from 1.5 hrs-3 hrs in the afternoon (in our bed). 
-Sleeping terribly- but right on par with her older siblings! And it's my fault! I haven't "worked" with her at all. Just. Too. Tired. 
-Horrible at diaper change time- immediately flips over and fusses!
-A total Momma's Girl!! Seriously, this girl is connected to me all the time. She won't be passed around and generally only stays in the nursery at the gym or church for 20 minutes before they have to come get me. 
-Happy happy happy. As long as she's with me she is pretty much the happiest, smiliest baby ever! 
-Wearing 9 or 12 month clothes mostly and size 3 diapers. 
-A talker. She babbles all day long! And she talks in her sleep! Sometimes I will legitimately think she's awake and will check on her and she's just Chatty Cathy in her sleep! Just like Jay and just like me! 
-Obsessed with bath time! Hands down her very favorite activity!

Molly's sweet little personality is really developing and it's super fun to watch. She likes attention to be on her (yikes!) but really hams it up for people. She has a really really great sense of humor and laughs a lot at silly things. She seems to enjoy "playing jokes" already- I'll ask her to do everyday things (like give me a kiss) and while sometimes she does, other times she will purposely not do it and smirk and giggle about it. So interesting! She's loud and a little "aggressive" (and not in a bad way- just in a confident way) with other babies (she will just crawl right up to them and pat their face or grab their nose or kiss them). She is an observer and takes it ALL in. And we know she's got plenty of entertainment all day long! 

I just love this little girl so much and love watching her blossom! What a great little personality!

Confession- to come up with the title of the post I had to do some fourth grade math in reducing fractions just to make sure I was correct! Ha!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Beginnings!

The little girls in our world both had bog days this week! 

Molly started Gymboree and Charley Kate started ballet!

I'll start with M since hers was first in the week...

Y'all, this girl was SO excited! I don't think I've ever seen her so happy! We started in a circle with her peers and their caretakers. She just crawled into the middle of the circle and kept looking around and screaming and smiling! It was like she was thinking, "Mom! You have been holding out on me!" It was just too cute! She loved the other kids her age, she loved the colors and songs and clapping. She LOVED Gymbo! She loved the bubbles and grabbing for them. And she loved playing. 

Molly was definitely in heaven! 

I am so looking forward to starting this time with my littlest love! Seeing her joy brought tears to my eyes. Seriously, watching a child discover and see things for the first time is unforgettable! 

And then CK had her first ballet class this week! I'm not going to lie- this is TOTALLY out of my comfort zone! I mean, I took ballet and tap and jazz growing up (maybe two years) before we all agreed I just wasn't a dancer. But EVERYone is a dancer at 2 years old! And let me just tell you how freaking adorable two year old ballet is!!!!!! 

I might have died a little inside seeing Charley Kate in her ballet clothes. Cutest ever! 

As you can tell from the pics, she LOVED it! Such a fun little experience! We are going to have so much fun this semester watching and she will love getting to dance with her bestie, Avery! So sweet! 

And don't worry, big brother got plenty of love and fun time this week!! 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Smoked Out

Thursday afternoon all three kids fell asleep at the same time (we went to the museum that morning to check out the shark exhibit- and the dinosaurs of course- then lunch at a great pizza place, then a trip to the Waterwall in Houston... Did I mention I love our city?!?). 

(Charley was refusing to take pictures this day!)

While they were all down I got a jumpstart on dinner. I was making yummy homemade chili for a particularly cold night in Houston. Jay woke up and was playing alone and Charley Kate woke up and came to help me cook (she always helps- I love it!). 

We got everything together and Molly woke, so we turned the chili to simmer and gathered our things to run a few errands (pick up dry cleaning, drop something at my sister's, etc). 

Before we walked out the door I picked CK up, took her over to the stove with me, and said, "We have to make sure the stove is turned off before we leave- that's what all the good cooks do!" So we turned it off and headed out. 

Three hours later we got home. Tex greeted us at the gate (which was a little weird because it was raining). He ran out to us and started sniffing us. I thought it was weird but didn't give too much thought to it. I opened the back door and it was a smelly, smokey, hazy mess. The washing machine was beeping so I assumed it shorted out or something. I panicked a little (the house across the street from us caught fire in that very place a few months back). I called Anthony and asked him what to do (meanwhile kids are outside in the rain and cold and Jay is freaking out). 

I went in the pool door (I don't know why, but I was afraid to get near the washing machine- maybe I thought it was going to explode or something). When I opened it, more smoke poured out of our house and I could see the entire house was filled top to bottom with it. I looked in the kitchen and saw (small) flames around the pot- and realized the chili was on HIGH. I quick turned it off and immediately became furious that our alarm wasn't going off. Jay is full on panicking, I am on the phone with Anthony, and Molly is screaming because not only have I set her down (gasp!), I have also left them all out in the cold again! At this point I am frantically opening doors and windows and turning on fans- in every room both upstairs and downstairs. 

Long story (and trying to cut it shorter) but our house smelled like an ash tray. Anthony came home and we packed bags and headed to my parents' house for the night. We needed to air it out and with the cold and rain we just couldn't keep the kids there. 

I googled solutions that night, and after dropping the kids Friday morning at school, Molly, Patricia (our housekeeper), and I tackled the mess I made. She wiped down every wall and ceiling in the house with a special solution. I put baking soda over every cloth surface (RIFs, carpet, curtains, couches, etc) and started working on that (all while having Molly perched on my hip- my mom was subbing!). We made some excellent progress, and the smell was definitely better, but we had a long way to go. Oh, and did I mention it was 42 degrees inside our house with all the doors and windows open?!? Poor Molly- I will be shocked if she doesn't come down with pneumonia! 

We stayed at my parents' again that night and were gone pretty much all day Saturday. By late Saturday afternoon, we realized the smell wasn't getting better. That's when we called in the big dogs. 

A fire restoration company came out to help us. They were SO pleased with what we had done so far and told us they would have started the exact same ways. They also ran a sponge over several surfaces to test for smoke residue and couldn't find any because of the great job Patricia and I had done. I won't lie- I felt awfully proud about that and was glad our hard work had paid off. 

So, as of now, we are back in our smokey home. We smell like cigarettes and I have had to apologize to everyone I see and swear to them we didn't take up smoking. The restoration company is coming out Monday to begin the steam cleaning and deodorizing of the house. Yet another day to be misplaced. 

All because of some stupid chili. 

A few things I have learned...
1) We got lucky. This could have been way worse. 
2) High heat and off are right by each other on the stove. Apparently even though I thought I turned it off, I merely turned it to high. I guess it's a lot easier to make that mistake than I thought. 
3) Smoke smell is no joke. I may never eat BBQ again 
4) My kids are troopers
5) I have never appreciated heat so much in my life. After our house being an icebox for almost three days, I am so thankful to be in a home where we have heat. It is miserable to feel cold. 
...and the kicker...

Alarm company/electrician coming out Monday to begin installation process.!!

My sister's comment on this whole ordeal... "Man, look what you'll do to get out of cooking dinner!" Ha!

The stupid burned pot in the stupid trashcan!!

Check your stoves people! It's a whole lot worse than just a burned dinner.