Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday Confessions

Last Saturday night we had a Christmas party to go to. Our usual babysitter was unavailable (sad!), so we used a new girl. She came over, I gave her the run down, and we left. After almost two hours of being at the party, Anthony and I were sitting down at the table enjoying our delicious catered dinner. And I got a text from the sitter- "Hi Mrs. Squillante. I don't want to bother you, but Jay is really hungry and was wondering when the pizza was going to get here." OhmygoshIforgottoorderthepizza. I FORGOT to order the PIZZA!!!!!! My kids are home and hungry and with a new sitter and here I am enjoying adult conversation and a yummy catered meal. What kind of a monster am I?!? Whoops!

I worked out really hard tonight so I had four a few cookies when I got home. Dang me for undoing the good! In my defense, they were these, which doesn't make them SO bad, right?!

Molly slept through the night for the first time ever (I'm not talking about "sleeping through the night" like the 6 hours the books talk about. I'm talking about legit sleeping all night long- from night time until morning-time) the other night at almost 7 months old. I remember when Jay and Charley Kate did this, I woke in a panic and thought the monitor was broken, and ran into their rooms to make sure they were still breathing. I may have even poked them to double check. With sweet third-kid-Molly, I just checked the monitor and rolled back over and slept even harder. Sorry, kid. I've learned by now...

We visited Anthony at work the other day and brought him lunch. Jay requested Cane's (fried chicken and french fries). When telling Anthony's coworkers what we brought, I pretended like I was all annoyed that it was Cane's, when in reality I was STOKED.

Each year around Christmas I end up buying new/more decorations. And each year I reason with Anthony that "this will really complete the look." And the following year I buy even more. Can you even have too many Christmas decorations?

Anthony and I just booked a trip (grown ups only!!!) with some friends for the spring. I am so excited! I wish I could say I was feeling guilty or nervous. But I'm not. Sorry kids, I LOOOOVE you, but momma needs a break! We don't even have a sitter lined up, but I'm so desperate to get away and get some sleep that I am consider leaving them with the dog and cat as sitters.

I wore maternity leggings to Thanksgiving meal so that I would have plenty of room for stuffing myself silly. Nothing more needs to be said about that.


the blogivers said...

Ha, the first one made me laugh! I bet the girl probably felt bad texting you but held off as long as she could! What did you end up doing??

Kate said...

Haha I agree with Allison! What did you end up doing??