Sunday, December 14, 2014

Trimming the Tree

I am all about traditions. I love making memories and keeping things special.

My family had a lot of traditions around Christmas-time growing up. From going to pick out a tree together, to decorating it, baking Christmas cookies, Christmas PJs, looking at Christmas lights, gathering on Christmas Eve, presents together on Christmas morning, etc etc etc etc- seriously, I could go on for days about our traditions!

Once Anthony and I were married and started spending Christmases together, it became really important to both of us to establish traditions of our own with our little family. We love being a part of the traditions of our bigger families, but we also want our kids to have fond memories as they grow up of what Christmas was like for them when they were little.

We've started creating a few of our own (and if you have any you'd like to share, please do! I love to hear about them!). One of them is decorating our tree together. When Anthony and I were first married I would do it alone (wah wah). Then when Jay was a baby I did it "with" him (alone). Tired of decorating alone, I decided to get the kids involved the best I could. So this year was really the first year that Jay (a four year old BOY) and Charley Kate (finally old enough to do it without crashing the tree over!) could do it. Molly was the perfect age because she just sat there watching them!

And oh my, did they get into it! They loved trying to reach high and they loved figuring out how to spread them out. We dressed them in their PJs and I played some Christmas music and we watched them decorate. It really was a perfect little moment to me. They were so happy and having so much fun.  And they were both SO disappointed when the ornaments ran out! Honestly, we've got another whole crate of ornaments, but a lot are breakable or from our childhood, so we have chosen some that we have collected as a family over the years (and few breakable ones!) to use for now. I'm sure we will continue to add others in and have a huge collection as the years go on. But for now, this is perfect for us and the ages that our kids are.

Probably one of my all time favorite pictures. Ever. 

After decorating we ate dinner at home- takeout! We had pho and fried rice and grilled pork and eggrolls. Honestly, I would love to make THAT a tradition- SO yummy!!! :)

It was a sweet little evening with our little family. I can't wait to see how it progresses over the next (twenty!) years!

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