Monday, December 22, 2014

Molly is 7 Months!

Sweet little Molly June is 7 MONTHS OLD now! 7 Months?!

She is....
-nursing 5ish times a day- and can go anywhere from 2.5-4 hours depending on what we are doing. God bless solids because that can definitely buy me some time! I have hardly pumped at all because of this!
-loving loving loving solids! She will honestly eat ANYTHING (except pureed baby food- ha!). She can drink out of a straw sometimes- not every single time, but almost! Game changer with both of these!
-nursing 1-2-3 times a night. Basically, she can go almost all night (8-4ish, nurse, then asleep again until 7 or 8) with one feeding, but some nights I'm just too tired to get her back to sleep with effort, so I just plop her in our bed and nurse her back to sleep. Again, I know this is a "bad habit," but honestly, we all get sleep this way and it works for us. No judgements!
-a great napper. Takes a morning nap (about 30 min) and then a long afternoon nap- anywhere from 2-4 hours!!!
-very very early crawling. She will go from sitting to up on all four to taking a few crawls. Then she'll either flop on her tummy or sit herself back up. She doesn't seem to be in any rush and frankly, neither am I!
-attached to me! Seriously, I am not lying when I say she is the happiest baby- as long as she's with momma. She will go to other people and be super happy, but that girl RARELY fusses/cries if she's with me! Since she's so good with me, it's super easy to keep her with me!
-pulling up consistently to a squat and often to standing. She LOVES this new view!
-without teeth!
-in love with babies/kids/herself in the mirror. She absolutely loves to look at babies and "talk" with them.
-vocal! Probably my most vocal kid. She can say tons of consonant sounds and mixes them (ba-goo, etc). She also tries to really hard to mimic our sounds. When we say bye-bye she says buh buh. When we say "Hiiii" she says huuuuh! It's awesome to hear!
-saying ma-ma and da-da consistently and just started the buh buh. It's not often enough to call it a "word" but it's pretty close!
-obsessed with her family! Her brother and sister and daddy are her faves, but any of her cousins, aunties, uncles, grandparents make her so so excited, too! I love the look on her face when she sees "her people!"
-In size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothes. Some of her 9 month clothes are too short, though! Love my tall girl!
-REALLY good at playing by herself for a while. Usually she just sits and plays with toys or in a jumper or stands up at the coffee table. She will play and watch her older siblings.
-happiest in the bath tub. The minute we walk into the bathroom she is flailing her arms and legs and kicking all around! It's the cutest! Once she's in the water she could stay there for an hour- no joke!
-great at pat-patting everything-especially on command! She will make anything into a drum, and gives kisses when you ask her, gives you noggins (think of Nemo- a little headbutt/forehead to forehead thing), and signs more (!!!!!!!!) occasionally!
-a girl with a great sense of humor! She laughs a TON, and it's hysterical to listen to! She gets tickled by so many things, but mostly her brother and sister and their shenanigans! And I swear to you, she is starting to "joke" with me. When I ask her to give me a noggin, she will once or twice. But after that she will lean her head back and then start laughing- like she's doing it on purpose! Amazing!

I don't know a ton about ol' Molly's personality yet, but from what I can see so far, I am OBSESSED! She is just the happiest, carefree, go-with-the-flow baby! She has been the most perfect addition to our family. There are a lot of times we just all sit around and watch her and laugh with her. Best. Baby. Ever (at least in THIS household!)!

I just love you, Molly girl! I can't even come close to getting enough! You are the little light of our family!

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