Thursday, December 11, 2014

Family Pictures

Y'all, I have been DYING to share these!

We had some family pictures done the Friday after Thanksgiving. Every single member of the Moriarty family was in town and we couldn't pass up the opportunity for some good group shots. My mom's love in life is her family and she has ALWAYS been a picture queen. This was her wish, and it was easy to grant!

So we all decided blues/whites/grays would be the color and everyone could go with that. We got a photographer that we know from our old church (actually my parents know her inlaws). She was such a doll! If you need pictures in the Houston area, contact Mallory with Simple Moments Photography. She was so great to work with.

Knowing we would be photographing 20 people (10 were children!), we all braced ourselves for the worst. We figured there would be fussy babies, fighting kids, gritching grownups... Isn't that how pictures often are?! We want so badly for them to be perfect, but getting that shot takes the fun out of it sometimes (not that we have EVER had this happen to us! Ha!).

Anyway, for whatever reason, God was looking down on us that moment, because it went perfectly. Seriously. Several different group shots, grandparent with grandkid shots, grandkid only shots, and shots of every single individual family (there are 5 families involved here), plus some fun sisters-only shots ONLY TOOK LESS THAN AN HOUR. Hardly any tears (and it was the two of the youngest babies who were battling through nap time!), no gritching, and nothing major (except for the jerk biker that tried to run the grandkids over on the bridge until my wonderful husband put him in his place!).

Anyway, I am IN LOVE with our little family shots. I have wanted to capture some good pictures of us since Molly has gotten a little older, and this was a great time. The kids were so well behaved and had a lot of fun doing it. Yay!

I love this one!!!
I especially love Jay's little stance!

Be still my heart! Eek!

The one we used for our Christmas card!

Love my guy. So much. 

Stay tuned for the Moriarty Family Pics... They are TO DIE FOR! But my mom is working on her Christmas cards so I don't want to steal her thunder (but I'm obsessed with them!).


the blogivers said...

Definitely sounds like the stars aligned that day!

Brittany Sciba said...

You have such a beautiful family and you can just see the love in these pictures! Excited to see the big group pictures! How fun!

The Joiners said...

Great pics! And funny, because my parents did a photo shoot with all of the grandkids and we did a gray/blue/white theme as well!!

Jason and Jenny said...

You guys are in a good picture taking stage! I mean these are amazing and then the Santa pictures too!